View Full Version : How to tweak your video settings for dummies

11-11-2014, 07:25 PM
Let me start by saying I run a GForce Titan, i7 and 16g Ram and still had to adjust just a few things.

#1 Play Windows Boarder-less.
#2 Turn off your Vsync in game. You will want Windows to handle your Vsync and triple buffering. (If your like me and triple Buffering causes headaches, or light headness leave it off in Windows as well)
#3 Drop your shadows to "Low" (You wont tell the difference all that much)
#4 Anti-Aliasing. Either off or FXAA is your option, try both. DO NOT USE TXAA or MSAA. For some reason the way the client handles it, it will kill your performance.
#5 Environmental, Texture Quality as you might of guess is different for everyone. Try both.