View Full Version : Game freezes on Launch!!

11-11-2014, 04:03 PM
Does anyone else have this problem? I've downloaded the game, I hit play, then it starts to load and then....I'm left with the ACU logo on the screen. That's it. Nothing

r9 280x
8320 overclocked to 4.4
8gb of 1833 ram
window 8.1

I got my game from green man gaming. I've downloaded it twice now. I have the most up to date version of uPlay. I have the most updated Catalyst drives (updated last night to the latest beta version thinking that would solve it). I have turned off my firewall. I am not running my game through Steam, but I've tried!

Any ideas? very frustrating...

11-11-2014, 04:35 PM
I now have this problem with all of the Assassin's Creed series. None of them play, Uplay doesn't launch. Ubisoft doesn't care. Here is a message I have sent them regarding this. I think the law needs to start chasing these rip off merchants up and makng them pay back the money they have taken from consumers for products that do not work.

Since the major fail that stopped me from playing Assassins Creed 4 four months ago, I have avoided even going near it I was so annoyed.

I am trying not to be annoyed but it is very difficult when confronted with the poor service that Ubisoft provide.

The so-called fixes that "support" sent me for the AC4 fail proved useless.

So I came back today and tried to load Assassins Creed 3, AC 4, and AC Revelations, and discovered that now the Uplay Launcher won't even start. It just crashes.

So now I don't have access to any of the games I bought from this arrogant company.

In my view Ubisoft owes me a fair sum of money by now. That is three games that I paid for that I now cannot play.

How come Ubisoft is not accountable for this?!

In my experience, if I pay money for a product and the product doesn't work, the onus is on the manufacturer to replace the product or service that doesn't work.

So basically Ubisoft operates on a policy of being above the law.

I paid for a product, or three in this case, and the products don't work, yet Ubisoft assumes no responsibility for it, despite having received my money.

This is traditionally illegal, yet there appears to be no recourse for me as a customer to obtain reparations for what is essentially a rip off.

Please provide replacements for the three games that do not work - Assassins Creed Revelations, Assassin's Creed 3, and Assassin's Creed 4. Or refund the money that they cost me.

Don't expect or ask for a DIAG file, or expect me to be led down the blind ally of trying to fix my equipment. That is simply not satisfactory.

My equipment is not at fault, Ubisoft's product is.

I want new versions of the games or a refund.

I should not have to be a technical expert to play a game.

The onus is on the game company to provide the product I have paid for or a refund for the product that doesn't work.

I look forward to when consumer rights laws finally catch up with internet commerce and gaming, and exerts proper regulation over how gaming companies operate, and outfits like Ubisoft can no longer profit without providing a proper product and service.