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I have been wanting to start this thread for some time. I wanted to give UbiSoft the best possible benefit of the doubt before going on this tack. I decided to wait after rogue to confirm my reasoning. Now that its confirmed I will start.

I think there is a good reason why UbiSoft doesn't want to give closure to Connor. That reason is racism pure and simple. The fact is UbiSoft is committed to the dudebro base that classifies most of the market and to these guys a Mohawk who doesn't scalp, who speaks good English with good elocution is called boring by these same dudebros because it doesn't conform to their standards. So they call him boring or stoic because of their low emotional range.

Story-wise another full Connor game doesn't make sense since there isn't sense in Connor traveling at that time and there is no historical event to latch onto. So I respect that. What I don't respect is the total silence on the character in the side content, unlockables or even in the database entry. What I don't respect is making a new game set in the same setting, the same supporting cast giving closure to minor players and not even mentioning the main character.

This amounts to disrespect to the people like me who bought ac3 solely because I liked the idea of a big budget AAA game with a non-white character who were happy that Altair will not be an exception. It is also an insult to their own hard work since its Assassins Creed III that is the franchise's best selling title. For me its insulting that they would listen to the cloistered world of white gaming critics rather than the people who stood in line on opening day to buy this game. The flaws of the game are solely the problems of rushed release, weak integration of systems, poor handling of historical timeperiods but despite this the game is still moving and contains great elements.

In Rogue, there is one highly snide reference to Connor:
Melanie lemay says that Connor married a crazy woman and came to a sad, depressing death.

Now the same can be said of his father and grandfather but somehow these white gentlemen get their fate expounded in side-games, cameos and a novel but the star of mainlining game which introduced the systems that UbiSoft refined in black flag and rogue is not worth talking about except as some kind if punchline.

It seems from now one since UniSoft can't animate women we should be content with side games for black characters, a 2d game for a Chinese female assassin, a comic book that shows a kashmiri muslim. But ubisoft will forget about the last time they tried to give center stage to a non- white non- dudebro character.

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Melanie lemay says that Connor married a crazy woman and came to a sad, depressing death.

lol hahaha

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Well, actually, it's just said there...
"Don't get me started on his wife and the way he died. What a mess." Doesn't necessarily mean she was crazy or a bad person or anything. Plus we know what Melanie thinks of fan favourites such as Altair and Ezio :p

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Anyhow.. I cannot see ubisoft as a bunch of scheming old men sitting in a dark room and scheming to shaft women and other races (pun not intended)

Probably they are more like a group of fidgety men in suits worrying about what'll happen if they put a minority on the fore. But that's different from being outright racists, is it not?

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