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11-06-2014, 08:40 AM
Regarding Curse, in HoMM it always reduced the attack of target creature to it minimal. The closest effect in DoC would be

So, here is my go at it:

1 Mana
3 Magic Requirement
dark magic (Common)
Spell - ongoing
Enchant creature. Permanent:
Enchanted creature cannot exceed their base damage value.
When enchanted creature dies, return Curse to its owners hand.

Mass Curse
4 Mana
5 Magic Requirement
dark magic (Rare)
Spell - ongoing
Permanent. Ongoing:
Creatures your opponent controlls cannot exceed their base damage value.

My main idea was to make Flaring Hate (http://mmdoc-s07.seekrit.info/EN/s07_Spe_Fir_092.jpg) a bit more playable. If only your troops benefit from it's effect, it may see some sort of play!
Though it isn't just a combo effect. Week of Mercenaries and Week of the Elder Races are countered just as Arcane Eagle, Namtaru Channeler and the likes.

Curse returns to it's owners hand because it initially doesn't do much, and you loose a card in playing it. While it may be acceptable for weakness or similar enchantments, this one does not help against rushes. Then again, it can be easily played in a Namtaru Channeler deck, since if you use it on your own creatures (neither channeler or buffed creature ofc), you don't have a negative effect while still increasing the damage of the Channeler. On the other hand, it can be played on the opponents creatures without worrying about wasting it.

Mass Curse is simply Curse used on all creatures. At all times. As already stated, it should go well with Flaring Hate or simply preventing specific weeks. Often enough you place your creatures so that they barely survive the enemies onslaught, no? How often were you screwed over by a Week of Merc/Elder Race popping up? ;)

On a sidenote: I would also like to see an Enchanter (http://heroes.thelazy.net/wiki/Enchanter) [or similar], which would let you draw a card whenever you enchant a creature. As it is now, enchant creature Spells are vastly underused, Ice Spear won't survive its nerf (and its upside was simply that you don't loose it), Binding Light is just a removal and Enthrall is a removal while you gain a creature. But who plays a spell that enchants your own creatures? Next to no one.
I would like to see it as neutral, it may even cost 6 mana with 3/6 requirements as long as it has pretty good stats and this effect ...

11-10-2014, 05:38 PM
It is a nice idea, but this would hurt stronghold the most (enrage/bloodthirst) and buff inferno, since their best heroes have acces to dark magic, Right now inferno doesn't need to be buffed. Sometime in the future, in a different meta, it could make some interesting plays possible.