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11-02-2014, 10:07 PM
[B][B]Hey everyone! I値l cut to the chase and tell you mainly what I知 about.
My name is Casey and I知 starting a new clan and youtube channel, and it値l be mainly focused on the new game coming out, 典he Division.

(this will be played on xbox one)

I know many of you guys out there, including me, are counting the days down until this game comes. I知 looking for an amazing experience, but not one that I want to do all by myself.

As a clan, there will be several slots to positions available because when I make my videos, I would like to have a full team w/ a tablet player available.

I知 looking for very dedicated people looking to partake in an awesome clan and youtube channel while making new friends at it.

We値l be doing many things including raiding, missions, pvp (which will be super great because I have always prided myself with good military tactics) and outsmarting other online players.

We値l be doing things no one else will be putting on Youtube while having the most possible fun about it.

If you池e interested, you must have these requirnments:
17 or older As this is probably going to be a rated [M] game, and I do not want to get into trouble with anything online
XBOX ONE we might be branching out with our clan to pc and then on playstation, but as of right now it is xbox one only.
For starters, I would like to have outgoing people as no one really likes to watch a video with no one talking in it, but I really do want us to try to abstain from talking about random s#1t during recording time, I would like to have it organized and realistic.
Working mic
Previous experience in RPG or shooter games
DEDICATION as I want people to look forward to watching our videos, and seeing YOU on them on a daily.

The Division Rosters - I will be leader and shooter, but I will be also changing my position to have a diverse viewing to the audience every few episodes.
The positions I am looking for are the following:
Sniper I think we all know what this is. You have a sniper Rifle and you pick off the main important players that we come in contact with.
Marksman This position is filler and is pretty much an all rounder. Your modifications are critical and we値l see what you need.
LMG Tank You are the front fire of all the battles and also have the best armor on the squad. We値l give you the best armor available to us and your whole job is risky, but it is needed to draw attractions and get the upper hand in survival.
Support/Healer This is the tablet player, and we値l always have one when we go out to play. As far as we know, this can greatly give us the upper hand in our play style.

I only have a few rules.
If you are a starting player, I would like you to join my game when available because it is always better to have a starting crew that is used to by the audience.
We SHARE EQUIPMENT. This means that if you are a sniper but have awesome gear, you need to let the tank use it for the greater good of what is happening right now.
Don稚 be selfish. We need to be able to trust each other, and use that as a strength, and not a weakness.
More rules might be added if necessary.

If you have any other positions, let me know in the comments below.

If you are interested in joining fill out the application forum down below and I値l contact you ASAP.

If you do not want to fill out the forum but still interested, send me an email @ SeattleSleeps@gmail.com

As of right now, my Xbox one is not currently working because of some problems with it, so I will be getting a new one by Christmas.

Anyways fill this out!

Hi! My name is _________.
My gamertag is _________.
I am _________ years old.
The position I would like to be in would be_________ because _________.
I__________will be dedicated.

11-03-2014, 12:31 AM
I see your idea and I like most of it. But I unfortunately do not wish to join. In fact I would like you to join my clan called Triumphant. If you saw my earlier forum post then you must realise that I am looking for strategists who are firm in their decisions. Since I have read you post I noticed that you seem to be a useful tactician. And I know that you will be a great help if you do choose to join. I hope you don't mind if I take your ideas of roles within a squad and adapt them.

You should check my forum post so you can see my intentions. But please bear in mind that I plan to divide the forces into squads, divisions and more.

11-28-2014, 02:44 AM
I hope i get to join you since it seems you already have goals in mind for the future of this game, and i would like to be apart of that.
User name is Warrior KilI like in app but the second L is a uppercase I.