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11-02-2014, 02:00 AM
I have recently created a new clan called Triumphant Legion and I am looking for commanders to lead the forces of Triumphant to victory! Triumphant will start on Xbox One but I want to eventually expand to PS4. Triumphant will be on The Division obviously but I have long term plans to expand to Seige when it comes out.

We will be dividing Triumphant into multiple sections of command who is led by a certain officer. Our hierarchy structure is:

General- Leader of Triumphant
Brigadier General- Senate
Brigadier- Commander of Troops
Captain- Organiser, Planner, Strategist etc
Lieutenant- Representative of Triumphant
2nd Lieutenant- Assistant to Lieutenant

I have already got more ranks for when we get more players. I will also be merging everyone into groups such as Divisions, Brigades etc. I plant to get at least 50+ members before the release date. Recruitment will be on this forum and many other sites. A GFX artist is also needed. Reply to this forum or message me to join Triumphant.

04-06-2015, 10:30 PM
You have to many ranks for 50 people and you are missing Colonels and Majors. You should keep things very simple to make your life so much easier. I know this because I ran many clans over 8 years+ experience and use to have many ranks that really didn't do much. In short, to many officers and not enough solders. Ratio is about 30% Officers and 70% Non-Commissioned. I am also talking from actually from military experience. Just trying to help where I can. Have a nice day,