View Full Version : For Anyone Experiencing Performance Issues with Windowed Mode

10-29-2014, 01:09 AM
Here's my dilemma and how I solved it:

First off I'm running Windows 7x64 with a core i7 3930k processor, 32GB RAM, and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 680. Trials Fusion does not run well in windowed mode. There is a ridiculous amount of micro stutter and it's almost unplayable sometimes. The micro stutter occurs on all video settings, even with everything turned all the way down. I always use vsync since the game depends on running at 60fps.

The game runs flawlessly in full screen, but I hate full screen because it blanks my second monitor and I can't multitask or read my stream chat. Swapping to the Windows 7 Basic theme (no aero) allows me to run the game in full screen without blanking my second monitor. Now, on to my next problem.

As I previously stated I am a streamer and I like to use Psycad's controller overlay (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/862889-Psycad-s-Stream-Controller-Overlay) so people can see how I'm doing things (big thanks to Psycad). With aero disabled and Trials running in full screen the overlay program kept crashing. Next, I tried running the game in windowed mode with aero disabled and I kept experiencing really bad tearing (not just with trials I noticed it with all sorts of graphically intense programs). I read that without DWM (aero) Windows 7 doesn't have vsync so tearing will occur.

This is when I decided to never disable aero again and I went back to my original settings (running Trials in windowed mode with aero enabled). I began to mess around with some of the video options once again. This is when I discovered the solution; I set "Enable Frame Skipping" to "Off" and voila it was like playing an entirely different game, smooth as can be. It's running nearly as good as it runs in full screen and the micro stutter is completely gone.

If you are playing Trials in windowed mode and you are experiencing micro stutter disable frame skipping.

Hope this helps anyone else experiencing this issue. It's been driving me crazy since the game came out.

It's still jittery at times but it seems better.

I think the performance issues may have something to do with the directshow capture process combined with capturing the controller overlay window. I use Dxtory to capture the game, and I was previously using screen region to capture Psycad's overlay but screen region capture definitely causes fps lag. I started using game source to capture the controller overlay and the game runs better but it's still not perfect.

I'm playing right now without streaming and the game runs flawlessly in windowed mode with vsync enabled and frame skipping disabled.