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10-28-2014, 04:25 PM

Tired of repeating the same boring workout? SHAPE UP is the game that proves that when you have fun, you get a better workout! 90-second challenges or 4-week fitness quests deliver surprising arcade-exercises that turn the chore of working out into a GAME!

Shape Up is the new fitness game coming for Xbox One in November 2014. And for more fun and better results, get the Uplay Actions and Rewards!

The Uplay Actions for Shape Up:


Challenge Completed! - Earn 10 Units
Finish a Challenge.


Working for the Weekend - Earn 20 Units
Finish a Weekly Objective.


Ten Fancy Badges - Earn 30 Units
Earn at least 10 Gold Badges.


Veteran Quester - Earn 40 Units
Finish a Quest.

The Uplay Rewards for Shape Up:

Shape Up your title - Get it for 10 Units
Shape up your title screen with a brand new look.


Finishing in style​ - Get it for 20 Units
Finish your opponents in style with the help of this rubber ducky.


Shaped up crown​ - Get it for 30 Units
The more you train the more donuts you can eat. Stun 'em all with this donut crown.


Mysterious new challenger - Get it for 40 Units
Unlock an intergalactic rePlay from a mysterious new challenger.


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