View Full Version : Are certain items in ACU Gold?

Th3 Code
10-26-2014, 12:32 AM

So I was wondering a few things on a game I currently have preordered:

Is ACU Gold from Steam different than from Uplay? (Or any other seller of it)

Will the Spin to Win (US) items be included automatically with gold since gold is suppose to include "all ULC" and "all ULC from the region purchased" (according to Ubisoft Support).

Will maybe the Unite Program (Europe only) items be added to Gold or maybe the Season Pass? For instance, is there any possible way of getting the Sabre of Honour in the United States?

And what is the difference of buying ACU Gold exactly from buying ACU + Season Pass?
-Is there an actual list of items that are in the difference? Won't most of that ULC preorder stuff be put into the Season Pass anyways? That's how it was for AC3, and AC4 I think.

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