View Full Version : Make collectoble lore books in future AC games!!

10-20-2014, 08:47 PM
to be honest I rarely go after collectables besides peg legs trinkets from AC 3and sea shanties from AC 4. many games have used the idea of making their collectables lore books or stories for their games. I would love something like this in AC to learn even more about the two factions and maybe more about the effects past characters had on the world

lol. I would particularly love this since I was disappointed when Achilles teaching Connor about the Templars and assassins was cut out from AC 3. AC 1 kind of did this between Al Mualim and Altiar. but I want things like folk assassin lore or stories. or maybe text explaining what assassins interpreted eagle vision as. maybe we could hunt down the remaining books of Altiars library!?

same for Templars if we have and future Templar games.

or stories of fabled assassins we haven't played as yet.

If ubi did this what would you like in terms of extra AC lore?

10-20-2014, 09:14 PM
I loved the Brutus storyline in ACB. I wish they would make a game about him because he also saw Those Who Came Before in a temple. His armor and i think some pieces of his notes as well were collectibles in ACB and then in ACR Ezio is wearing the Brutus armor on the cover, if not it looks a lot like it.