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10-12-2014, 07:37 AM
Need some info on Assassin-assigned missions from “veterans” who have played the series at least up to AC Revelations. I find that the more difficult missions (more than four red dots or red starburst ratings) never reach 100% success odds for any Assassin, no matter how high their rank. In particular, the “cities under siege” missions in AC Revelations are never more than in the 60-70% range and often under 50%. (This was also the case in AC Brotherhood which I finished without ever sending an Assassin on a low-odds mission.). Since a failed mission is said to kill off the assigned Assassin, I have always sent mine only when they are at 100% success odds. I am well into the game and more and more cities are under siege with no missions in them except “reclaim” none of which I have tried to do, not wanting to kill off my Assassins. Meanwhile doable (100%) missions are becoming fewer, and often just worth one or two dots. So, what can any of the “veteran” cognoscenti advise? Do you send your people in with low odds anyway? And if you lose one, I understand that they cannot be replaced, so eventually do you just eliminate all of your Assassins? If so, then you would probably lose the option to call for help or do an arrow storm. Alternatively, does it eventually become possible to do a city reclaim with 100% odds if you wait long enough?

10-12-2014, 07:43 AM
as far as i remember in revelation you can assign your assassins on different assassin dens which increase the percentage of odds ... also you can simultaneously send 3 or 4 assassins at one assignment to make the odds 100 percent, after all, not every job is single player for other assassins ..

10-12-2014, 08:43 AM
Well, there are 15 levels for your assassins, not 10. But only den masters can train beyond 10. Den masters are also immortals, they will simply get hurt (unavailable for a few minutes) when they fail missions. Full party of 15 level assasins can do any mission with 100% success rate (I dont remember any exceptions).
I recommend reclaiming cities last, when you have enough money to invest in rebuilding them.

10-13-2014, 05:54 AM
To Anykeyer: Thank you for the courteous reply, I am aware of training assassins beyond 10, but as I said to naumaan, I have not discovered how to assemble a "team" to send on the same mission.-- I am obviously missing something. I am essentially at the end of the core story of the game at this point, and I assume all of these city missions will have to wait until the post-credits sessions, provided I figure out how to put several Assassins on the same mission.As for money I have more than 2 million Akçe at this point, have sought out every treasure chest (but found only 99 animus fragments, annoyingly enough) and I slaughter Janissaries for their cash every chance I get, so I am well financed even after after already buying every book, weapon and anything else for sale, so that aspect may be covered -- I will have to see. But first I need to know the team-building procedure. The "immortality" of high ranking assassins is also something I missed along the way. I am sure that at least in previous games they died if they failed

To naumaan:I have done 100% of the master assassin missions, assigned them to dens, but none of them can exceed a certain odds limit despite that. And I have not learned how to assign more than one assassin to a mission.Also, some seemingly innocuous missions are prohibited for every assassin -- i.e. they are all greyed out and cannot be assigned. As things are, as soon as I assign one assassin to any mission, the mission is marked with a clock icon and "in progress" and not available for additional assassins. I have clearly missed this team feature in the user manual if it is there at all. If you remember the method, I would appreciate a pointer.

10-13-2014, 07:16 AM
You can send up to 5 assassins to any mission. http://youtu.be/eG1Vk3EqJII?t=27s
You can also assign assasins to cities you relaimed (up to 5 after full city upgrade) and use up to 4 of them for missions in that city.

10-13-2014, 07:24 AM
Its pretty simple, when you go to the mediterranian defense map, you see cities,
on scrolling the cities, you find a button with manage assassins, they are kind of your den caretakers, i am not good at uploading pics so cant say if the picture will come okie .. i took some screenshots anyways

what i used to do is recruit an assassin on basic level and then send them to the mediterranian map dens ... there they reach the 10th level pretty soon .. after that .. i send them to the other missions

well coming on the pointer you are asking for, after selecting one assassin for the mission, the mission do not start there, so you have an option to scroll and select other assassin for the same mission .. i hope the image thing works here so that i can show you the screenshots

i had a x360 controller to play the game so .. sorry if i cant help you with keyboard controls

You can send up to 5 assassins to any mission. http://youtu.be/eG1Vk3EqJII?t=27s
You can also assign assasins to cities you relaimed (up to 5 after full city upgrade) and use up to 4 of them for missions in that city.

and also to gain more assassins for mission you need to do the assassin den missions in the city, they unlock the 2 or 3 player setup for each mission





10-14-2014, 04:19 AM
To naumaan: Thanks for the detailed and very helpful answers. It never occurred to me to click on the cities, I just clicked on their listed names to bring up the missions. I have now finished the core game with the usual annoying "what the blazes does this mean???" ending, and have sat through the hour-long credits (mostly in the lavatory). These are the only games I have ever seen where the player is compelled to sit through these incredibly long lists of people, about whom I am fairly sure no one except the people themselves give a good %^&damn! In earlier titles I thought the game was over and quit out of the endless credits and only later learned that things were far from finished when the credits rolled.Or any game for that matter where after the main story ends in a non-finish ending, there is still lots of game left after the "ending." However now that I have gotten there, I will soon try your suggested tactics. BTW, I have had far fewer control issues in this title than in previous ones. AC2 was a nightmare for me to play with KB/mouse, with each repetition of the same control combo the result was seemingly random.
In any case, many thanks for your explanation and the screenshots!

10-14-2014, 05:14 AM
the pleasure is all mine,