View Full Version : Anyway to check level-up progress?

10-07-2014, 08:36 AM
The in-game stats screen is pretty messy and convoluted, mostly because it has a lot of information I just don't care about. However, the one stat I do want to check, i.e. my current progress to the next level, isn't anywhere to be seen. There isn't a little bar tracking how much experience I need to level up nor any kind of numerical value/ratio that I can find. It makes the game feel like even more of a grind to get to level 30 precisely because I don't know how much experience I need to get from level 20 to 21.

Is there currently any way to find out? A website that's separate from the in-game menu, for instance? World of Tanks tracked your stats that way, though they didn't have a level-based system like Airmech does. They eventually had an abbreviated in-game tracker as well. If Airmech actually has a way to check it from within the game, I certainly haven't found it. Again, the stats screen is needlessly cluttered and completely disorganized. That part might be an issue for the Tech Support & Feedback board, but right now I just want to know about tracking my level-up progress.

10-07-2014, 08:56 PM
Currently no. There's hope: the PC version (which is a few versions ahead of the Xbox version) does have a progress bar for leveling up, hopefully that'll be showing up soon in the Xbox version. It is still just a progress bar, it doesn't give you an exact count of how much you still need. If you're just grinding out the achievements you may be done before they add it in.