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10-05-2014, 09:08 AM
Lets talk about the neutral people


1)Magic Interdiction- a tricky to use staller i guess
2)Magic Deal- a very effective way to counter fortunes. Seria token and construct decks would be hit really badly, strong and much needed card
3)Overwhelming Forces- will be played only if there is a viable mercenary deck


1)Free Mage Alter- useless card
2)Mercenary Hillfort- awesome card only in mercenary decks are viable but it sure is a driving force to build one
3)Warding Pillar- effective card but a bit too costly for my standard


1)Magma Elemental- only has use against an inferno deck. melee so cannot be protected and 3 cost 3 health is too lame
2)Agyn Mervcenary- can be used as finisher but i dont see much hope
3)Bursting Fire Elemental- dont see much hope as it as very poor stats
4)Arcane Eagle- thankfully its not academy exclusive (it should be as arcane eagle is a academy champion unit) djinns will be very happy to have it by their side. Good card
5)Ariana- Chosen of the Void- A cheaper (in terms of requirement) void ripple with a 2/1/7 stats creatures. good for pesky stuff


1)Week of the Elementals- neutral spirits only? lame for now
2)Waning Moon- dont know how it will be useful

Overall comments:

Good to see neutral having cards like arcane eagle. spirit and mercenary both are being given boosts for viable neutral decks. Lets see

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10-05-2014, 04:39 PM
I think Magic Deal is kinda crap. It's very similar to Famous Last Blows and look at how much that is played.

Free Mage Altar can be an unbreakable War Tent. I wouldn't immediately dismiss it, though I don't see a currently existing deck that it goes right into.

Warding Pillars requires you to spend the better part of your turn protecting just one creature from things that might not even happen. Even if the meta shifts and puts Ariana, Mom Nam or Hakeem on top, it's not like they can't just kill your other things. Maybe there's some kind of combo with Imperial Guard.

Magma Elemental is yet another cog in the annoying machine that is Asalah Immolation.

Ariana, Chosen of the Void is awesome and puts Prime heroes back on the map after missing out for so long. Now only Light still needs an aligned unique.

10-05-2014, 05:25 PM
Light has Anael. I know you don't like her but hey she's around.

10-05-2014, 08:29 PM
Like I said, Light still needs an aligned unique. :p