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10-05-2014, 08:20 AM
Lets talk about the wizards now


1)Void Trap- really good card as it draws 2 card for 1 resource, banishment is just a slight set back but overall handy card
2)Shifting Fates- so resurrection for academy that also 2 prime creatures, not lore-friendly but powerful indeed


1)Portal of House Anima- cant say anything about it right now, as i dont fully understand the card details, sorry
2)Alter of Elemental Affinity- so 1 prime on it and all primes cost less, good card devs
3)Crimson Tower- crimson theme is being promoted this time with a buildig, i think 3 cost is a bit much but good card


1) Embers Elemental- i dont see potential yet as academy has mostly prime creatures
2) Surging Djinn- really good stats and strong card with a huge set back when it dies lower magic by 2 which might make it not fir for play
3) Arcan Master Djinn- ability is only fit for a blocker and it cost too much to be a blocker so nah for me
4) Captive Djinn- spell or fortune banisher when coming into play and also a common, superb card. Now thats when i say a commoner can
rise higher than the so called high status people. A must have card.
5) Time-bender Djinn - a time jump in a card, but situational. Might be used as a finisher. Not much hope as the condition is very sleeky.

Overall Comments:

Fortunes of academy have really bolstered the ranks of the wizard armies by drawing cards or reviving cards, affinity to magic to make them cost less and captive djinn to dominate the battle zone fields and fortunes. But most creatures are bad for my standards. About the buildings except alter of affinity i really have no idea how they will see play.But the few strong cards will be able to boost hakeem big time.

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10-05-2014, 03:01 PM
I find Void Trap and Shifting Fates in the same set rather curious to say the least, since they overlap and one is clearly better. They're both 2-for-1 card advantage fortunes for 2 resources that require you to remove two Prime cards from your graveyard, so really similar in that regard. However, one of them can remove spells as well as creatures, has lower requirements and probably gets you better cards, so the other might as well not have been printed at all, especially not in the same set. Sure, Shifting Fates is awesome in the very contrived scenario where your opponent Soulreavers two Cloudshaper Djinns in a row, but I'd rather draw two random cards than get something like a Gargoyle and an Arcane Sharpshooter (and who knows, maybe I'll draw two Cloudshaper Djinns).

Portal of House Anima is mostly useful for "resetting" or "healing" spirits; just move them to the portal and cast them again. Minor combo with Splashing Kappa or whatever it's called.

Embers Elemental is support for the "Elementals" deck, which apparently requires an Academy hero. It's also randomly good in multiples and boosts Damran and Hikyu.

Arcane Master Djinn is crazy good. Drawing cards wins games. It would be decent as just a 0/2/6 wall that draws a card every turn or as a 2/2/6 that "only" draws a card on the turn you play it. Easy Magic requirements, too. High Destiny requirements for a creature, so probably only good for Hakeem. An excellent safety net if turn 3 Circle of Nine did not happen.

I wonder how often Time-Bender Djinn will trigger in games that you weren't clearly winning already, and I wonder how often someone will decline to play a fifth djinn because they don't want their Time-Bender Djinn to get banished.