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10-03-2014, 06:24 PM
There are two moments in battle mechanics of which I am tired.

I always considered a great stupidity that, for example, stack can be moved for 9 cells forward in a single turn, but at the same time it is not possible to move it for one cell and put it in defensive stance - it is illogical and defective for tactical component IMHO. Action Points (at the beginning of stack's turn Action Points = stack's Speed, moving for 1 cell costs 1 AP, 0 AP means end of the turn, attack or defend always finish the turn regardless of AP amount) can fix this foolishness and bring more tactics. Some other solutions are possible, for example, like in MMHO.

I think it would be better if ranged units were not able to reach targets at the whole battlefield, especially in the game were opponent can be suppressed with large armies, they should have Attack Distance parameter. In my opinion, this should increase the importance of the location of troops and their movements, which will increase the usefulness of abilities and spells, and this should increase the tactical component of the game. And with Action Points ranged units will be able to move and make ranged attack in one turn.

P.S. Seems to me many users do not know about this forum, because there is no link to this forum on the game site.

11-21-2014, 09:46 PM
Action points mechanics is definetly much better. Aside of more tactical options you also have more design space - some units could have more action points than others. There is some sort of this in the game (some units shoot twice) but it should be made more general part of combat. It would be also very usefull if there were actually more things to do aside of basic commands - something as in comandos or ufo.

Ps : You are right ... this forum is pretty much dead.