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10-03-2014, 07:50 AM
Time for light to speak its way.
It has been the underdog of the mmdoc world since base set 2 and lets see whether it has made any comback


1)Supply Caravan- with so many cheap buildings it might see play, avg card
2)Construction- devs are trying hard to make haven a buil**** oriented faction and i dont think its that useful


1)Chapel of Elrath- a cheap healer card, might see play
2)Holy Lighthouse- will be good against necro and inferno who have got many good cards
3)Angels Temple- Another martyr, might see play. Cant infer now


1)Lesser glory- great blocker as 2 cost and 6 hps
2)Wolf Friest- that retribution tactic wont be effective i guess so bad card for me
3)Blessing Inquisitor- lets see if all light super strong decks can be built as mmost humans are not magic creatures so not effected by it
4)Warding Inquisitor- just one turn of spelllessness, may be used as finisher against some decks but not a staple
5)Cleansing Priestess- a good healer really after the voice of harmoy

Overall Comments:

Haven really didnt get much of a boost and will remain an underdog based on light creature decks are viable or not. Haven stacks were really cool and haven could counter many control decks with them, sad to see no stacks in this expansion. Felt like griffin bane was better for haven. Only the lesser glory would be a staple for most decks now on in standard

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10-03-2014, 09:05 AM
As someone once wrote about haven buildings, it is that we - Haven player - are at a card disadvantage by design. Playing a building - even with the coolest effect - won't work by its own. You have to put a creature on it to use it. So we consume twice as much cards as other factions.

A fortune which make us draw a card every time we deploy a creature on a building would be a great addition IMO.

10-03-2014, 03:44 PM
i am also dissapointed heaven did not get any other stacks, they got a hero that works with stacks!... but no other compatible cards in the set? come on! i hope they give us something more on the next expansion, i really dont see any cards here i can use in my current heaven decks, none at all... kieran and charity are still better heroes for stack decks.

10-03-2014, 06:01 PM
Haven got the shaft. All their good cards went to Griffin Bane. There's nothing here that brings existing decks up to par and not enough to make a good new deck.

10-03-2014, 11:35 PM

10-04-2014, 02:13 AM
I should definitely quit this game...I play every faction but haven and academy are my favourites by far, I´ll give it a try first...
I know it sounds stupid, but every expansion I feel trolled hard, mainly when I see great "haven" cards in inferno and sanctuary.

Have you seen this new ur jabaal´s minion or whatever?
2/1/4 at 3 cost, it reflects damage when attacked...more or less like shinje warrior.
What do we get? a 3 cost shark protector...
Oh and a new but worse martyr...WTF

Well too much crying before even playing the new cards, lets see if packs are available by gold soon...

10-04-2014, 06:13 PM
Ok, i dont have any of the new Cards yet but from my Point of view there are some intresing new Cards... i like most and think they are good but we'll see how well it works (:

i dont set much hope on Anton, just as i still havent on Slava, both arent so good atm, introducing a hero with a skill for stackables without introducing a new stavkable is Kind of weird but Ok, i dont know if there will be a good stack deck with him but we already have reservesm which is just about the same as his skill and it doesnt work so well, now u can go without reserves and u have more place for other Cards but i doubt it will make Things much better but we'll see...

chapel of elrath is very intresting, lighthouse is also decent, why? well, because it are 1 Drops u can Play on turn 1, especially with the ney resource courve and how heaven is a lategame faction this makes Things better by a lot, i can imagine playing chapels instead of wolf Mentors because they are better lategame Cards, together with tithe collector, u have good 1 Drops which work well together and most of the time

angel temple: martyr v 2.0, after blessed laked Spirit, an already better Version of marty, we also get an enhanced copy, i like it and will help alot against insect swarms and any board wipes and more consistent as warding inquisitor

supply caravarn: first Thing i had in thought when i saw it, this could enable some crazy Combos, also otk Combos for heaven, imagine uve played like 5 building and u use 2 of These and u gain 10 ress, with so many ways to gain ressource, like cassandras imp Devotion, crusader treaures, makes many Combos possible, for example blinding light and that new mercenary could oneshot u

construction: awesome Card, must have in any building oriented deck, lets u pick any building u have in ure deck and in the Situation u Need it

new 2 drop: lesser glory: i think she is good, i know all want a 2/0/4 shotter with immune to reta, but i dont think thats the way to go for heaven, heaven should Play a more defensive way and for that she is awesome, also Flyer and light so awesome synergy Card with Blessing Inquisitor, holy light and and other stuff

wolf priest: our new 3 drop, he is not bad, not that awesome either, devot priest is probably our best 3 drop, especially now he's a light creature, sun rider is probably better than wolf priest but since this is a light meta for heaven probably he is more important, of course he is pointless most of the time against shooter but against other creatures he is totally fine and good he is basically an enhanced light elemental with more hp and a defensive Aura, he also has very low requirements only 2 might and 1 Magic?

Blessing Inquisitor: good Card, requires benevolents angels but since u should Play em anyway, his stats are very good and his ability is also

cleansing priestress: my fav Card, together with devot priest we have 2 playable healling priests now, her stats are decent, but her skill, WOW, Counters any Counters AND heals ALL damage, only drawback here might be that she also removes light Counters i guess? still she is awesome, also love her artwork

warding Inquisitor: decent, niche Card or filler to me... hard to Play at the right Moment and his stats are just bad for 5 ress, i dont know what to think of him atm

air school: stormrage is intresing, our new damage spell for air shool, better than sunblaze and works well with blast of wind , either u get damge or u cant attack next turn, means u also get damaged but u cant attack, good for heaven because it gives time to heal back up

light School: holy light is intresing and playble with enough light creatures but i dont think its that good but together with Blessing Inquisitor it should be able to shine brightly (:
sunrise is very intresing, because its there for the angel of salvation, who is very good with so many many new humans, also it has some other uses

holy sacrifice: im not sure how it works, if u Play it Opponent can only attack this creature? mean retalation still works? i see some strong Combos if so, for example Imperator wall+ falcon marksman and this Card, + a benevolent angel and well lol but probably not so usefull but its not that bad

10-05-2014, 01:11 AM
I disagree with you all over the place but would like to point one thing out in particular; Supply Caravan. How exactly are you going to have 5 buildings on the field, play this card, and then have extra cards left over to use those extra resources? I especially am interested in how you would do this in the point of the game in which extra resources matter, even a little bit.

10-05-2014, 11:55 AM
why u disagree so much with me? ): heaven is a lategame faction and if u really want a 2/0/4 shooter u can use the mercenary, yes he has a drawback costs ressources but thats what haven Excels at, so... there is golden horsehorse to get new Cards for ressource and ne the new mercenary turns ressources into damage for example, that is one Situation where ressources matter

10-05-2014, 02:17 PM
Mercenary Archer is terrible. The only reason 2/0/4 shooters are played is because they provide control on turns 2-4. And during those turns you really can't afford to pay 1 to attack. It might not be a problem on turn 8, but on turn 8 I hope to be using better cards than 2/0/4 shooters.

10-05-2014, 06:48 PM
MoritzBradtke i dont want to hinder your optimism as we all want strong haven cards, but having 5 buildings, that building resourse card and then lots of cards would be a real lucky feat and that also against a novice, not much hope for most of the cards. Blast of wind is really lame and has lots of counters