View Full Version : The inner subplots of every game

09-29-2014, 09:43 AM
Yesterday,i was debating with myself about which game has the best story and i realised that MAYBE the quality of the story has to do with the number of the subplots within the main plot and the way they interact with each other.So,for example AC4's main plot consisted of:
1)The pirate republic(Nassau,Blackbeard etc)
2)The hunt for riches(the Observatory)
3)Assassin's vs Templars and theiur Creeds(Mary Read,the ending etc)

While ACR's main plot consisted of:
1)Sofia and Ezio relationship
2)The hunt for the Masyaf keys(aka assassins vs templars) and Ottoman vs Byzantines
3)Altair's life

And finally ACB's main plot consisted of:
1)Revenge,liberation of rome and the apple

Of course this is just an idea and i could be wrong.Also this idea is heavily based on how i understand each story and the inner subplots