View Full Version : Ubisoft do you care about MMHO?

09-28-2014, 01:53 AM
After last update version 106-107 there is real shi* storm on all national forums with 95% of negative feedback and huge hate towards Ubisoft, comments like "I will never touch another game from Ubisoft again" are pretty common. The update changed the core of the game it was pay to win but now it's also pay to play with heavy focus on monetization and all players are sad or angry also there is no content (reason to play) for high levels anymore.

You know the power of word especially at age of social network and I am not sure why Ubisoft want to destroy its reputation and cut off the sales of its products in the future, maybe you don't care but imho good name/mark is better for buisness, look at Blizzard people just buy whatever they make and they have most fan boys from all companies.

The version 100 feedback was also negative but nothing to compare what is happening now.

German feedback has censorhip and they can't post feedback anymore last 30 hours. 95% is negative.

Russia feedback - only about 80% of feedback is negative the rest are trolls and flamers. Also big hate against BB and Ubisoft.

Poland feedback - 100% negative, most players and most hate against BB and Ubisoft. Including additional hate posts becouse servers doesn't works from 8 pm until now (6 hours) There is NOT even single response from any BB to explain the situation to the 50k viewers.

Czech feedback - 100% negative, also big hate aginst BB and Ubisoft. Also including additional hate posts becouse servers are off long time.

We all understand that you wan't to get pay for your work but you have to find other ways of monetizations and don't just make 90% of Europe MMHO population hate you in that proccess. The game had so much potential to be really great one day but I am not sure now, the leadership which is responsible for this should double think before doing changes like this.