View Full Version : Suggestion x ideas x feedback x 100000

09-26-2014, 01:13 AM
Ok there are about 6-10 threads just about "ideas" "suggestion" "feedback"

Most of these threats have the same suggestions over and over again, I think they get the point. I think everyone should just be patient and wait for new content, or video to see if they have made any chances or have taken into account any of the suggestions we have asked.

09-26-2014, 01:50 PM
well if the mods you know... did their job and started to prove they are actually passing feedback down the line to where it needs to be and in reaction began generating actual development team responses to such questions and criticism other then the generic copy and paste "we'll be sure to pass this along" answer they fling every time a question is asked.


just maybe the foum wouldn't be flooded by the same "here's my list of 1000 weapons i demand in this game" and "leave Vegas in the grave and look at RB6-3 instead to sponge your gameplay ideas" posts that show up every other day