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09-23-2014, 08:43 AM
Here are some of the most important considerations in regard to Heroes 7:

1) Please return the Heroes 3 hero screen: 1 (http://www.heroes3.eu/gallery/screen-10.jpg) and 2 (http://www.thegimcrackmiscellany.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/homm32.gif)

I don't know why but Heroes 5 and 6 both have a super ugly, super counter-intuitive hero screen which has _multiple_ tabs and a lot of wasted space.

In Heroes 3 _the only_ screen (@ 800x600) was enough to see _all_ hero's attributes: artifacts, level, achievements, army, etc. Why the sudden need to break it into many parts?

2) Creatures hiring screen in Heroes 6 is AWFUL. In Heroes 3 you could instantly see all creates, all their parameters (attack, defense, hp, speed, etc), how many are available for hiring every week, etc. etc. etc: 1 (http://i873.photobucket.com/albums/ab291/Dim_Roupas/Rampart.jpg)

This screen in Heroes 6 is absolutely unusable: 1 (https://static2.cdn.ubi.com/emea/gamesites/mm/screen/h6/might-and-magic-heroes-6-03.jpg) Why should I click every creature to inspect its attributes?!

3) The town screen is awful in Heroes 6. In Heroes 3 you can instantly see which structures are already built, and which can and cannot be built.

4) In Heroes 6 magic was severely handicapped. Please, make magic more powerful as in Heroes 3.

5) Everyone, who loves Heroes, begs you to give us LARGE maps. Like seriously large.

6) For large maps the maximum level is often capped, and it removes the fun from the game. Please, rework this restriction or make leveling up slower so that we could explore the entire map without hitting any limits.

7) In Heroes 6 additional (newly created) heroes are ENTIRELY useless - on most maps creatures are so strong, your secondary heroes cannot defeat them. In Heroes 3 I can create many additional heroes and successfully explore the map. It's not possible in Heroes 6!

8) Stop with Cyrillic names of Heroes (if it's possible). Specially when you get them wrong (Sveltana as opposed to proper "Svetlana" in Russian).

9) Take MORE from Heroes 3. Seriously! It's the most loved games by all the fans of the series.

Other thoughts:

* Your choice of UE3 is confusing. UE4 was released half a year ago - it gives much better visuals and supports even Android.

* Schools of magic would be nice.

* Random maps generator would be nice.

09-25-2014, 01:31 AM
Nicely put... also that is one nice dryad in the picture there.

09-26-2014, 02:34 PM
I've liked all your suggestions but i would highlight the online mode of the series and i really love might and magic since heroes II.

The game series itself has always been (from my point of view) a nice campaign with an entertaining story but after that, the only thing left to do is to play hot-seat with friends or vs computer just to have fun for a while, and that kind of game is soon substituted by another games with a better online experience.

My suggestion is to make like 3 modes:

1st mode would be the campaign mode (ovbiously).

2nd mode the skirmish mode (which could include the hot-seat mode, vs AI mode and online map exploration mode)

And finally the 3rd mode could be the online mode made for people who likes the competitive scene and i'm going to put the name of the game "Lords of war and money" here. I like the idea of being a hero and having a limited army wich grows (thanks to that there can be a balance of pvp battles), battle against others in 2v2 or even 3v3 battles (all in the same fight i mean) and join tournaments or survival events.

A mixture of that with an include of some kind of exploration (maybe instanced) would give the game something else to do when the campaign is over and i think people would hook more to the game.

Just my point of view,

best regards!

09-30-2014, 04:07 PM
just make an addictive multiplayer with simoultanous turn like in 5! ohh i loved that