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09-19-2014, 10:35 AM
Last week, we announced Sins of Betrayal, a set of 100 new cards to be released in October. Several of these cards have already been revealed, and your reactions are very positive so far!
To continue with these positive vibes, as promised, here are the features that will also be included in this extension. You guys will be delighted!

Please note that everything explained below is still work in progress and subject to change.

Second Player Advantage

The uneven odds of success whether a player plays first or second has been a problem for quite some time now. The data confirms it: playing first is a disadvantage, and the tendency only gets more prominent in top-level play. After lots of testing and balancing, we have finally come with a solution!

o Both players start with 1 Resource each.
o On his first turn, the first player cannot use his hero ability
o On his first turn, the first player does not draw a card
o The second player starts with a bonus ‘Dragon Crystal’ fortune card in his hand. This card can be used whenever he wants during the game and has 3 possible effects, at the players’ choice:

o Draw 1 card
o Gain 1 Resource
o Deal 1 damage to a creature on the board

This special ‘Dragon Crystal’ card is in addition to the 6 cards from the starting hand.


Replay Manager

Until now, playing your replay files could prove rather fastidious. With the release of Sins of Betrayal, a Replay Manager will be included in-game!

A Replay button will be added in the Profile page:


After clicking it, the list of available replays appears. Select ‘Watch Replay’ and the duel is replayed exactly as it happened.


Wildcards in the Infernal Pit

In addition to all current rewards in the Infernal Pit, we are throwing in an additional 1 Wildcard for every 1000 Gold worth of sacrifices. This means that if you sacrifice enough cards to redeem a Common card, you’ll get 1000 Gold and 1 Wildcard. If it’s a Rare card, you’ll get 20000 Gold and 20 Wildcards!


Changes to Daily Quests

There will be a some minor changes to the Daily Quests:

o Quests that asked that you complete an objective with one specific faction will now give you the choice between two factions.
o The rewards from completing Daily Quests will be in Gold only (no more Wildcards or tickets). This is to balance the fact that Wildcards will be available in the Infernal Pit instead. Tournament Tickets will be available for Gold in the Shop.

Pack Inventory Screen

We have modified the Pack Inventory screen (AKA “Open Packs”) to give more details about how many of each type of pack you own. Only unopened packs are shown. When you click on one type of pack, you’ll begin opening all packs of that type the same way as before.


Cards Rebalancing

The following balancing changes will be effective with the release of Sins of Betrayal:

Lurker in the Dark

o Might requirement will become 3 (instead of 4).
o Fear effect will become 2 (instead of Fear 3)

Chain Casting

o The resource cost of any spell cast with Chain Casting will be at least 1.

Bloodsnake Shaman

o The ability will only work the first time it is triggered in a turn.

Titan Workforce

o The ability will only work the first time it is triggered in a turn.

Writ of Fate

o Will work with any type of unique card instead of only unique creature cards.

‘Invokers’ Heroes

o All Heroes who have the “Invoker of…” in their name (Asalah, Jezziel, Kal-Azaar, Mother Namtaru, Shaar, Kaiko) will have their starting values changed from 0 Might / 2 Magic / 1 Destiny to 1 Might / 2 Magic / 0 Destiny.
Without this change, these Heroes would become mostly unplayable on Turn 1 if playing first (with the new Resource curve explained above).

Feel free to discuss the update in the following thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/920749-About-the-update)