View Full Version : Siege of Maastricht Hood -- Is it too late or..?

09-19-2014, 01:35 AM
Hey so I just found out you could get the Siege of Maastricht hood back during Comic-Con and the page where you get it but when I choose my console, it takes me to the login page. When I login, it takes me back to that page to select my console. When I select my console again -- back to login, and so on and so on.

So what's the problem here? Am I simply too late and it's over and they just haven't gotten rid of the page, am I doing something wrong -- what should I be seeing?

For those who aren't aware, here's the page -- see what happens for you:

09-19-2014, 01:39 AM
Same thing happens to me.

09-19-2014, 01:40 AM
Same thing happens to me.

That's really weird. What the heck, Ubi!

09-19-2014, 03:30 AM
Yeah it's been like that since the start. During SDCC, I don't think anyone on here was able to obtain the hood.

09-19-2014, 03:50 PM
Isnt that the same hood that is included in the Musketeer Pack?

09-19-2014, 06:32 PM
Isnt that the same hood that is included in the Musketeer Pack?

Thats right.

09-19-2014, 06:37 PM

Same problem here.

09-19-2014, 06:41 PM
Same here. It’s an endless loop.

09-19-2014, 07:10 PM
Yep...loop. Maybe someone from Ubi could show up and tell us if we are too late or if there is something wrong with the site? Would be great :)

09-19-2014, 07:22 PM
Same thing happened to me. It never worked.

09-19-2014, 11:03 PM
Ye, i remember someone asking about this when that page first popped up, to my knowledge it has never worked, sucks too because i think that's the only way the US can get that hood until it's released as DLC since the Musketeer pack isn't available in the US