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09-19-2014, 12:10 AM

This Is a guide on how to properly use the unarmed style
This guide will range from unarmed builds to tips to help increase the unarmed fighters power.

The Build
Choosing which kind of build you want to put on your character is mandatory. Here are some preset build layouts that you should try to use at first, but then stem from them later on(note, all builds should at least have the "fearless fist" perk to be highly effective).
The Little Mac
This build consist of speedy armour to allow fast movements and deal minimal damage. It prioritizes dodging attacks first, then striking the enemy down. Even though you might have fast, dmg dealing armour on, it won't deal that much damage, due to all unarmed attacks being pankatron attacks. It is also low on health.
Recommended perks:Violent Retort, Heart of Carnia, Beneath Your Feet, Jupiter's Might

Pros:Can be used early in the game
Fast rolling and easy dodging
Cons:Low to moderate damage
Slightly weak hp wise

The Breaker
Take Advantage of full pankatron and make your enemies feel helpless with this superpower build. The armour used should have large amounts of pankatron damage increase (such as +10% pankatran damage) It focuses on dealing large amounts of damage and breaking the enemies defense. It is slow,however, as most of the armour used to boost pankatron damage are heavy armours that give more health, but lower roll speed and limit dodging.
Recommended perks: Jupiter's Might, Gladiator's Panacea, Thick Skull, Merits of Pride

Pros: Deals relatively high damage
Quite bulky in hp
Breaks defense much faster
Cons:Almost looses the ability to dodge (unless you're a master)
Slow Rolling speed
Can't utilize dodge perks to boost strengths.

The Shove: Try to avoid using the shove attack (x) to break defenses. Your normal attacks do that but even better.

Spin kick: The sidekick goes very well after dodging a long reach attack (such as a trident stab), which can punish your foes/

The Drop Kick: It's a good attack, but only use it when necessary. The drop kick may make you untouchable, but it can't hit some enemies (such as the dual blade fighters doing a stab attack). It also leaves you vulnerable to an attack if you don't connect the hit.

Power Combo: Probably the strongest combo of the unarmed, which is downtriangle+square+square, is best used for breaking an enemies defense and dealing high damage to them. You should grab the enemy after finishing the combo, as it is easily parried by spear and dagger foes.

Shove to Kick: Although not recommended, shoving your enemy and leading off to kick (either regular or spin kick) will give you some real distance.

Grabbing: After a while, your enemy might go to blocking to stop them from being hurt. Especially if you are using the breaker build, grabbing is highly recommended to be used on blocker to deal some damage. The grab damage is boosted with the pankatran damage.

Thanks for Watching and rek sum scrubs with the power of fists. :D