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Hello IL2 players. I'm new to this forum and wanted to create my first thread about the game ,,Il-2 Sturmovik 1946''. The problem is that i can't move my head forward , backward , left, right and looking out of the plane like in cliffs of dover. I looked all over the internet but i couldn't find an answer. Are there any mods or controls ? If yes, can you please send the download link for me.

And another question. Is there a testing demo for cliffs of dover? or another download link? Because i want to test cliffs of dover out before i buy it.

Thanks, DominionZA

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09-04-2014, 03:04 AM
1946 doesn't have full head movement. There are a couple of controls that will give you a little movement:

Shift + F1: toggle gunsight - moves your head forward to get a better view through the gunsight or back to the "normal" flying position. In aircraft with gunsights mounted off centre it also gives you a little sideways movement. The movement is the same regardless of which way you're looking so you can usually use it to see around cockpit bars and give yourself a slightly better rear view.
Toggle Seat Position (no default keys assigned) raises and lowers your seat a bit. It only works in some aircraft (mostly naval types) and you must open your canopy before it will work.

There may be a mod that allows full 6DoF head tracking movement, google HSFX and UP3 mod packs. We don't allow links to mod packs in this forum as the game was never intended to be user modified.

Edit: The reason it wasn't implemented in 1946 is that many of the cockpit models were designed and built for the original IL2 Sturmovik version of the game released in 2001, before head tracking controlled head movement was affordable and readily available. This means that there "holes" in the cockpits of some aircraft where you can see through the aircraft if your head is moved outside the designed range of movement using only the basic keyboard head movement commands. Also, some parts of the cockpits which aren't visible from the standard head locations aren't textured and don't look right. These shortcomings were the result of minimising the modelling to save computer and video memory, as the original game was designed at a time when 256MB of system RAM and 128MB of video RAM were considered high end.

There's no demo for Cliffs of Dover and it's only available through Steam, even if you find one of the disk versions that actually had the game files on it (very rare, mostly they just had the Steam client and a game key for CoD).

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