View Full Version : Best online strategy ever doesn't have to end like this, please read my post!!!

08-31-2014, 04:36 AM
Dear Ubisoft, HOMMK players and developer team,
HOMMK is going to be shut down because it is not a profitable game but Ubisoft could give Heroes Kingdoms one more chance if management role is assigned to player’s community. Maybe HOMMK didn't made millions but it can still contribute to its parent company with something really unique in online gaming scene. Here are some basics on how it could work out fine for everyone - players, Ubisoft and HOMMK developer’s team:

- There would be no store or any kind of profit making involved in re-birth of HOMMK, only "donate" button would be present for players that want to help keeping the game alive, also donations would be made public to prevent abuse and initial funds would be provided by me and several other players as soon as we get positive answer

- Players community would consist of all players of HOMMK, but there would be a hierarchy of ranks decided by the amount of donated funds and other kinds of contribution (IE - newbie members, full members, hero members and legendary members), also first high ranked players community members would be those that make HOMMK re-birth happen by funding or being involved in its organization

- Game staff would consist of Ubisoft PR personnel (to represent interests of their company as owners of the game) and core game developers (for maintenance and new features) and would be on player’s community payroll

- Any new feature/improvement would first have to be approved by UBI PR, and then passed to the developers

- There would be no need for player account registration, just quick usr/pass creation and choosing the desired world rules so that every player can play S4 tournament or good old S3 WoT world, also legacy would be changed to "specialization" with same number of "legacy" points for every player (winners would have their place in hall of fame instead of gaining legacy advantage in future worlds)

- There would be no need for support tickets, only game forum where player’s community moderators will take care of any trouble makers by coloring their kingdoms grey

There are many other things I could add to the game concept but first let’s see if there's any chance of getting all this started. Here is how I see things if HOMMK gets another chance:

- Players could win their favorite game back and it would be even better than before, fair strategy with great game concept has huge potential to become one of the world’s most popular online games, especially if players with good ideas finally get the chance to improve it

- Ubisoft could gain a lot on reputation as first company ever to place a game management in player’s hands while still keeping HOMMK as its intellectual property without having any costs of maintenance or further development

- Competition (other online games & their respective companies) could ask themselves one day - How on earth did Ubisoft made online game of the year without investing a single cent? -

I really hope there's a chance that someone in Ubisoft with the power to make things happen actually reads this message. It would be really nice to get an honest answer instead of some automated message especially since it’s very possible that this whole action of re-launching the game and keeping it running wouldn’t take much more effort than playing the game.

Sincerely yours,
HOMMK fan – Aby Normal.