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08-30-2014, 06:37 PM
I were playing "The Crew" for only 1 day cause i got "beta key" at Friday about 7 o'clock pm. I think beta was really good but couple thing made me sad like missing drift tuning specs. Next thing is when I drove Dodge Challanger the gearbox was changing to slow for me. I don't know you meant to be that? For me it's to slow if you could make it about 0.5 sec faster that would be great. Of course I miss some cars like Toyota supra or Nissan GTR 35.
I think that's all.
Game is wonderfull I can't wait for premiere.
Will this game has big collectors edition?
Bye =)

09-05-2014, 08:13 AM
you need to consider this is a racing game similar to MMO RPGs... so when you start playing, your car is far from perfect, as you will level up and improve parts, shifting will for sure get faster :)

also what would you expect from drift spec? its more a driving style than a physical car specialization, specs in The Crew are physical changes to the car

i miss Supra and R35 too :) but i think R35 could be in as we have other Nissans, but no idea about Toyota, maybe they don't have Toyota licence or something