View Full Version : Posting of Leaks and rumours etc

08-27-2014, 09:23 PM
Hi Assassin's

While we fully understand that people are excited to play and learn as much as possible about the next instalments of the Assassin's Creed series, who wouldn't be?, It's important that we try and maintain some secrets and surprises for you guys until the time is right.

I know many of you are hunting the internet for leaks and rumours, however please do not post them on the official forums - in either dedicated threads - or - in ongoing ones about other topics.

Threads with leaks - or - discussion of leaks and rumours surrounding those leaks will either be locked or removed by the Moderation team, users who continue to ignore requests not to post leaks or rumours, will be handed infractions.

People also found to be driving threads off topic by posting 'PM me' asking for information on leaks, will also have posts removed or infractions issued - where it become a bother for others in threads.

A leak is anything - screenshot - story / gameplay information - or video - which has not been posted on the Official Ubisoft sites or twitter - when in doubt, check first!

This is not to punish anyone, just to make sure that those who wish to avoid spoilers and these leaks can do - some users have attempted to post leaks in unrelated threads - and derail other threads to do this, so this is now being taken seriously by the team.

We have never promoted discussion of leaks in the past, while there is still a chance that we can avoid them being on the forums - if you REALLY need to talk about leaks etc - please use the site you find them on to do so.

Thanks for you time.