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08-27-2014, 05:59 PM
I am going to first start off by saying I had a small novel written up of things I would like to see in a new Heroes game. But after seeing the trailer and the gameplay already well under construction; I am convinced that this is going to be the best Heroes of Might and Magic ever produced. It appears that everything wrong with Heroes 6 is being changed for Heroes 7, and I like what I see already. A few things that I noticed right off the bat are:
- The Spell Book is an actual book, and not just a window :D
- 6 starting factions right from release
- The whole game has a very medieval appearance to it; which is part of the core that determines what MM Heroes really stands for. This look and feeling I found was not present in Heroes 6.
- Having a full set of resources
- The Turn Wheel (Bottom right has its old look back)
- Academy is Back :D
- The newly animated battle maps
- The fact that fans get to vote on aspects of the game

There are however a few things still to mention that would be great if they would make it into the final version of the game. If any other fans have comments on these; It would be great to hear whether you agree or not:

- The tavern should be limited to just a few Heroes that can be bought. If nothing else; just heroes from your own faction instead of every hero from every faction being available to every player.
- The player status section of the tavern in Heroes 5 was at times a very helpful deciding factor in the gameplay. That would be great if it could work its way back into the game.
- Having a trading post would be great

* I can’t be sure from what was said in the gameplay video, but spells should not be learned with skills and ability points. It should be a Magic Guild in the town or if nothing else; buildings on the adventure map. I could not stand in Heroes 6 using all the points I received on spells. Then you open up the spell window, an only find a handful of spells you can use. :(
- The cool down period for a spell does not make sense to me. I think there should be no cool down time. If you have the manna to spend, the spell should always be available.

- The campaign story should mesh nicely with the other 2 story lines, as I am sure was the initial plan in development.
- I loved being able to play any part of the story line in Heroes 6, and having it still fit properly and make sense. That would be great to see again.
- The mission selector map in Heroes 6 was genius. It was so much more visually appealing than the list in Heroes 5.
- Mini mission maps like in Heroes 5 that still have story lines to them and cut scenes, but are not directly related to the main campaign would be awesome to see again! :D
- The dialogue pop ups in Heroes 6 were very cool. I liked that new addition.
- Each faction should have its own campaign loading background with something related to the storyline.

- I really like being able to convert a town in Heroes 6 to that of my faction. However it does not make sense unless you are the Necropolis faction based on the story from Heroes 5, and what Markal had to do in order to convert the city of Hikm. I am on the fence on this one.
- Using the portal to teleport from one town to another is very helpful.
* Full 3D flyby camera in the town like in Heroes 5. Even an option in the settings to have the town with a 2D or 3D look would be great.
- Faction specific buildings.
- Being able to recruit all the men available in all the towns from one location is awesome.
- When a building has been built in a town that turn, it should display a hammer or some other type of construction supplies in red instead of a plain X. That way the difference between not having enough resources to build, an having already built that turn are easily identifiable.

Skills and Abilities
- I love the Blood / Tears element from Heroes 6. Could that be copied over, and perhaps have a third part added to it?
- Each faction should have a handful of faction specific skills that are only available to that team.
- Being able to choose whatever skills you want in Heroes 6 is great. Could there be a window that pops up when you level up like in Heroes 5 giving a few of the best / most likely to pick skills; but with a button that opens the full skill sheet selection window.

Online Play
* I love the whole online aspects of Heroes 6 with a dynasty and extra bonuses. In order to play online though, requires limiting the saves you make. This can be really frustrating when you have saved games you would like to keep, but are running out of room for new saves. Could it be possible to run the game online, but save the game files on the hard drive? Or at least expand the servers to have an unlimited amount of online saves? In Heroes 6, you really have to choose between playing online with the extra features and having as many saves as you want.
- Automatic port forwarding in the installation would be great. Other games that have online gameplay do this, and there is never an issue with connecting to an online match. I have never though, been able to connect to a Heroes match without some sort of issue. If you don’t know how to port forward properly, or you follow instructions and it still doesn’t work; it can be really discouraging.

- I was not a fan of the windows everywhere in Heroes 6. It was like running a windows desktop machine rather than a video game. Could a brand new screen open up when you enter the hero information panel? Rather than it being a window over top the adventure map.
- I love the hero target moving in Heroes 6 when 2 heroes go to meet each other. Unlike Heroes 5 where the heroes do not update on their new location after moving, and the hero would move to the last place where the other one had been standing.
- Different types of mounts for different heroes of different factions would be nice.
- The secondary heroes should be just like the main hero (collect blood / tear points as well.)

Adventure Map
- It should be possible to rotate the screen and have it stay where it was left. Perhaps even a hotkey to return it to its starting potion. It should also have full range of motion with the right mouse button. Not like Heroes 6 where it was only with the control key.
- A turn indicator with the mouse if the journey will take more than a day to complete.
- I like the territory theory in Heroes 6 where you claim all the mines by capturing the town, but I found it made the game a little too easy.
- The Tear of Asha should be incorporated into multiplayer maps as well as the campaign. It should be a puzzle game like in Heroes 5 uncovering the treasure map by visiting obelisks. Or better yet; a radically new way to look for the Tear.
- The daily production screen was very cool (bottom button on the mini map.)
- Places to recruit elemental creatures would be nice.

- I was not a big fan of the “Literally” turn based combat in Heroes 6. It would be great if it was slightly more random than that.
* Having Good Luck and Good Morale is great and all, but you need to balance the good by also incorporating Bad Luck and Bad Morale. I can not believe this was taken out of Heroes 6.
- The Luck animation should take place at the time of the attack, not before a creature starts moving. Just as the Morale animation should be after the creature makes its move. It makes the game more visually appealing, and the other way around drove me crazy with Heroes 6.
- Waiting more than once a turn should be possible.
- Saving battle footage would be great.
- 3 x 3 Combat style added to the Duel Mode
- Easier Duel Mode AI. (I played over 100 duel mode games in Heroes 6 with the AI set to easy, and it was more difficult than versing a brutally hard to beat human.)
During a castle siege, there should be multiple attack towers that attack enemy armies.
- Limited amounts of ammo without an ammo cart.

Character Designs
- Each faction unit should be completely different from each other, and have a totally unique design from other faction’s units.
- This one really bugged me in Heroes 6, but each hero should have its own unique avatar. Instead of 2, 3, or more heroes that all look the same to each other. In Heroes 5, I knew each hero by name, since none of them shared a profile pic.

War Machines
- I can’t be sure based on the information on the site, but the return of the Ballista, Ammo Cart, and Healing Tent would be great.
- I love what Heroes 6 did with every factions Catapult being unique. Could the same thing be applied to war machines?

Main Menu
- Separate screens for things like hot seat / campaign / online no windows!
- A better mix of social media buttons on the main screen.

- I don’t have to make any comments on the music. Rob King and Paul Romero have made beauty in everything they compose. I love the soundtrack for all the games from 1-6, and I know they won’t disappoint with this one.

- I love the look of the new human user interface already. It has a very medieval look to it and things are big, and easy to click on. Unlike the cog button in Heroes 6 that was like 30 x 30 pixels, and this tiny speck at the bottom of the screen.
- The panning camera while things are happening on the battle map is great.
- An in-game random map generator
- Auto saves should have at least 3 (like in Heroes 5.) Not like Heroes 6 where there was only one auto save to fall back on.
- Information banners that show news like: “Blue Player is Defeated”
- Love not having to spend an entire days’ worth of movement to enter a ship.
- Being able to toggle the HUI display for taking beautiful landscape screenshots.

Hot Keys
- The hotkeys should be a lot easier to customize. I found it very difficult to do so with Heroes 6. An eclectic mix of things were missing; like swapping potions in the town garrison with SPACE BAR or ending turn with ENTER.

Map Editor
- I know this is asked for every time, and that it is not a huge thing on the list for the developers, but a more user friendly editor really would be awesome. If nothing else; some video tutorials would be great.

* Star denotes critically important items

New things that I am looking forward to, and are really exciting are:
- Enhanced visual graphics
- An interactive map that changes based on the actions of the hero (Avalanche in the video)
- New worlds to explore
- A new storyline / campaign to play

08-27-2014, 07:09 PM
Without Fortress, it cant be the best anything !
Pretty sure they're scrapping the Town Conversions and i hope they scrap the blood/tear element, just a re-hashed good/evil that was an annoying gimmick

08-27-2014, 07:19 PM
Fortress doesn't necessarily need to be in the opening game. I could be an expansion like Heroes 5.

08-27-2014, 10:19 PM
- medieval look : its not bad at all, but I would prefer more fairytale / cartoon look, too much realism does not fit the serie in my opinion. H1, H2 looked completely like fairy tale, H3,H5 was just spot on, H4 looked little strange - it tried to look too real but it didnt.

- tavern : no objection here

- spels : completely agree, based on promo video mage guilds will be back. Cooldown on spels in H6 was so terrible, not only that you only had like 6 spels in total.... some of them were even on cooldown, so even more limitation.

- campaign : I dont mind anything that would be in campaign, however I wish that not all resources of game budget would be devoted to this, because there are other areas which need to be focused on more.

- town : converting of town should be posible, but it should not be as in H6 in just one turn - I liked the way as it was in WOG - you demolished building every turn, then it become ghost city and only after that it could be rebuild. I think recruiting via caravans is more logical, there is also sumon creatures spels which could be used in case of urgency. Recruiting on one place is easy to like, but I would rather make it not posible due to strategic reasons. There could be some mechanics for it (airships, teleports or some tunels), but should not be just as simple as in H6. (interface could be made so it is posible to buy everything in one place, but you would have to wait for troops to come)

- skills : tear and blood system is not bad, but I would rather made it more general - if you use ability you get better at it. Also tear/blood aligment should not be based on adventuring choices (as it is boring to let creature go + you get no exp), but rather on combat skills you use. Whole spell system should be improved, there are many ways how it could be done. If it was up to me I would not put tears/blood system there but I can live with it if its done properly. I do not agree on the skill system however, random choices are much more clear (so you are not owerhelmed with 20 posibilities) and also it add more to replayability. Overall randomness of heroes series is one of key features I think. Also if you chose skills correctly, usually you will receive what you need, unless you are super unlucky. Skillwheel could be part of game, not as external program.

- heroes : mostly agree

- adventure map : teritories should be removed in my opinion. Game looses much strategy aspect by them. I would also welcome more ultimate quest types. Tear of asha could be one, defeating some supermonster (for exeptional strong artefact) could be other and I am pretty sure more types could be incorporated

Edit : building wonder could be 3rd one (rebuilding atlantide quest - you would gain some supercity - where research of some unobtainable spels would be posible) ... it would cost tremendous resources. So there would be adventure ult quest (tear of asha), combat ult quest (supermonster) and economy ult quest (wonder). All quests would provide ultimate advantage in some area. There could be 2-3 such quests of each type. Also many 1step (basic) quests and multiple step (advanced quests) should be posible to bring to map with editor or in RMG.

- combat : mostly agree, also if you have war machines skill you should be able to control towers, posibly also tower repair or wall repair would be nice

- character design : I prefer existing H3 design, there is no need to reinvent all creatures again

- general : I would welcome some epic music + some animation and scoreboard after wining map, this thing was pretty bad even in H5, there was there this epic music in H3 and dragon over pile of gold, thats nice :)

No further coments, overall I would say that I like your notes :)

08-27-2014, 11:34 PM
Thanks for the input. You have some great opinions here. Now lets hope the devs get a look at this, and put in some input of their own.

08-28-2014, 07:16 AM
They are definitely looking :)

08-28-2014, 07:33 PM
Oak you teaser you

08-29-2014, 09:53 AM
Yeah, I'm a bad, bad man.

02-28-2017, 09:29 AM
The game is neither good nor bad. It could be good if they remove bugs and improve the ai in higher difficulty modes. I am a long therm fan of heroes and I was looking forward to this game. I usually play just single scenarios. In heroes 7 I like caravan feature, ability wheel and especially new maps... Sometimes bugs appear, usually on the battlefield, where your troops cannot move or the enemy doesn't attack despite he intends to do so. However, for me the biggest problem is the very stupid ai even for computer players in heroic mode. The game is very easy and you cannot make it more difficult by setting the map difficulty to heroic. If you do so, then the first two weeks are difficult but then it is even easier, because some computer players don't develop or just stay behind the gates protected by a strong neutral army. The biggest problem of the ai is that if you attack other computer players(heroic) don't protect their castle. They just try to run away and so stupidly that you can beat them near their castle. The part of this bad ai is, that despite 2-3 heroes are near their castle and near each other, the computer player let his army divided. Even small child would put his all available troops into castle and protect it, so I really don't understand this ai. For normal mode it is ok, but for heroic it is very disappointing. If you have good hero you can easily beat everybody even with very small army and there is no challenge or some real fights. Maybe the shield ability of legionnaires is too strong. Also, computer turns take too much time and some garrison fights are just boring. I would welcome some rating for the hero according to his fight results and based on it some suggestions for loss less quick combat against trivial neutral army. I am not sure how it is in other scenarios but in impossible mountain I was able to get my hero over level 30, despite seeing occasional text that there is level 30 limit. I like the possibility to develop heroes over level 30 especially in larger scenarios.