View Full Version : Multiples of the same card?

08-27-2014, 03:21 PM
I just realized that I have 2 creature cards that are the same. They are the Griffin Battle Priest of the Haven faction. Only thing is one of them looks slightly different. One of them has this glow and animation to it.

Just wondering why there are multiple cards in the game. It's almost impossible to remember every card you have, so if a duplicate comes up for sale you might end up wasting gold on it.

08-28-2014, 09:15 AM
I suspect that you have bought one of the decks and you had already bought the griffin battle priest already. I can only buy glowing cards now as I have 662 of 672 cards. You can only get 12 of heroes by either buying them or using uplay points. I have a lot of the glowing cards now, you can still only put 4 normal cards or 1 unique in your deck still, no putting 8 of one cards like the computer AI seems to do...gggrrrr.

08-29-2014, 02:53 PM
The only things I purchased were the All Series + World Champion 2013 Deck and the Heroes bundle.

Are you saying that I have multiples because of those?