View Full Version : Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag 10 PS4 Upgrade

08-22-2014, 07:23 PM
I'm wondering if this promo is still on. If I buy the ps3 version of BF now, am I still able to upgrade it for 10 to the ps4 version when I get one?Thanks in advance ;)

08-22-2014, 07:36 PM
Unfortunately not. This was a limited time offer only.

08-28-2014, 03:26 AM
Another question, the Aveline PS4 free DLC is still avaiable if you purchase the PS4 version of Black Flag now or was it a limited thing?

08-28-2014, 03:32 AM
I still got the code to get Black Flag on PS4 when I just recently bought Black Flag on PS3, though by what it says is that it's expired. Many people have said that the codes normally just say that they expire at a certain date and don't. If I get a PS4 soon I will let you know if the code still works.