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08-17-2014, 09:45 AM
I love this game. I am a senior, handicapped individual who has played this game since season 1. .. I know many of you started after seals were in place. I started this game in season 1 before any seals were introduced. I saw Leaders of this game building and growing stronger because small teams would pay gold to a high leveled player to help kill a siege on their alliance. There was no money to grow stronger. It was using your wits and any player whether retired or in college on limited incomes are equal to anyone else playing this game.. I saw may retired players who did not have extra cash leave this game. I never left. I am one of the few left who know how the farmville buy seals to grow hurt this game.. I understand it needed money to pay for servers to keep up with the many players. I just wish they added ads like other companies instead of making high competitive player buy seals to grow.. Seriously, there is nothing like this game online.And I know games like no other! Paying for CD's for an xbox game that requires a yearly fee to play is my tipical game... The people I saw leaving were those who were used to the table top board game with chips for weapons or men. They do not understand technology or have the money to invest in an xbox or playstation to play games. Well mainly this game holds/held a lot of players who know old school gaming and well did not need to pay.. YES we set the beta for your paid games in the future! I feel sad for all the lost gamers who do know nothing of xbox, playstation or downloading cd's on their computer to play a simple war game.. I saw people leave as they were half the player they were because they could not give you a credit card to play at that level. I wish there was a way to keep the old school game. No seals, availeable to older gamers! I hate to see all these players loose a game and never be able to find any thing like it that they can play on a limited income! I wish you could find a page.. find all the oldschool players of season 1-5 and invite them to play a non pay site with adds but fun for all who know this game!! You are tearing apart a fun time for many seniors and young adults that focus on history and battles and cooperation to win! Not money to win! It hurts me to know there will never be anything like this game free to play any where in this world for those type of gamers! Just saying.. a gamer from season 1 through 5 retired and handicapped here.. wishing this game would continue for the many of us who love it! Thanks MacGrandma

08-23-2014, 03:06 PM
Unfortunately, while everything you say is true, it has been said before, time and time again.

I was invited to the second beta, at which point there was a core of 40-50 players who knew the game very well. The third beta was one hell of a ride, about 200 players, very active and all right next to one another, I can be pretty certain that no other round or season has been intense as that one was. Season 1 was ok - many players were burned out after the intensity of the previous beta though.

Then, as you say, the seals came in. There had always be some discussion within the beta community about how to make money and such - the first nail in the coffin was the subscriber fee, in which a player was limited to 3 towns/heroes unless they paid. Considering this game was released in 2009 at the same time as League of Legends, it always astounded me how anyone could do free2play wrong ever again. We implored Ubi to change the mechanics so that payment only ever led to cosmetic or minor advantages - but they didn't listen. Funny now, LoL has millions of players and makes a bucket load of cash and there is no way to pay for power in the game.

Ubi had their sights set on money and idiots came up with the strategy. People posted, made suggestions and then left and here we are today. Lessons learned? I doubt it. Ubi could get many players back tomorrow if they just announced that they were scrapping all the pay to win mechanics - but they won't.

They won't even read this message.

08-31-2014, 02:07 PM
No, and what's more they're repeating the same mistake in other games. I've looked at Duel of Champions - not quite pay to win, but you have to spend an enormous amount of time otherwise, plus (like this) there is a bar against late entrants - and the "beta" of Panzer General, which is even more P2W and a slander against what was an excellent series by SSI. DoC is already in trouble from what I can see, just that not many realise it yet.