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08-17-2014, 05:32 AM
I plan to create a clan for this new game

This will be fully fledged roleplaying clan. We will have multiple squads going about.
I plan to be a rogue group of division agents.
We will go about in squads of 4 and demand payment of off other parties once we meet them unless they are to strong

We will try to make a a central point in where we can all meet safely (plan to stay only in the pvp zones unless for trading/recruiting)

Will try to get enough players to have at least 2 squads going at a time for a division.

We will gain control of one area and then once we feel we have done enough there then we will move on.

Leadership will be like so


The squads wiill be like so

General is the leader of a division.
Each division will have 5 squads
A squad will consist of an officer and 3 soldiers

I want to have 3 divisions before launch.
Each division will be givien an area within the same district.
So all divisions are in the same district at once.

We will focus heavily on roleplaying, so plans will be devised by the commander and the generals.

We will have different timezones including GMT, EST.
Divisions will be based on nationality, age and some skill
Micro plans will be developed in each district
Generals will have individual plans for their divisions in the set area
The division that wins loot gets to keep it within their division
Youtube and a website will be set up soon
Still open to names

Post in this forum if you would like to join. Please include your age, nationality and your gamertag

And regularly check this forum