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08-15-2014, 02:20 PM
Hello all,

We've received some requests from builders to remove their creations from Track Central. Sometimes things go wrong when you are finishing up a track, medal times can be wrong, scoring is wonky, you forgot to take those damned check points out of your hill climb (yeah, that one is me), and now you are left with a broken track in your catalog. As builders, many of us are perfectionists. We spend a few dozen to hundreds of hours on a track, only to have one issue take it from our "add it to the highlight reel" track, to a "this is humiliating" track.

If you build, then you've been there. Shogun and I, all of the level designers and everyone who truly cares about putting out high quality tracks get that there will be times that you just need that 5 minute fix.

We are going to begin the process of helping builders rectify this by offering conditional track removals. We'll help you get that listing to a place that you are happy with it, or at least not bummed out every time you see it. There are, of course, some rules, and we'll go ahead and jump into that right now.

Reasons why we will remove tracks:

1. Broken Skill Game Scoring - It can be difficult to test.
2. Medal times/faults are default - If you change the game mode, scoring defaults.
3. If you have broken physics/animations that break checkpoint restarts. - Something blocks the path behind the player. Crash. Blocked path in front of player.
4. Bad checkpoint placement - Sometimes you can move an item, and now you're spawning players inside of rocks.

Reasons will will not remove tracks:

1. Iterative releases. - If you make "Bob's Game v1", "v2", "v3", etc... then you know it's not really finished.
2. Highly downloaded - If your track has a lot of competition and has a TON of likes, then we won't remove it. Be happy, people like it.
3. "It's just not good" - This is a reason we see a lot, but we just can't remove tracks because a creator isn't super happy with it. We learn as we go.

This isn't an exhaustive list, but I hope it gives a good idea as to what you can expect before you request a track be removed. Now that we have covered some of the reasons WHY a track can get removed, let's go over what we need before we can remove a track.

Required Information for Track Removal

1. Platform.
2. Username
3. Track Name
4. Upload Date
5. Reason


Xbox One
The second CP resets the rider into the ground causing instant faults.

Some of you are well known to us, and some of you have tied your Uplay accounts to your forum account. To minimize the risk of having "jelly-deletes" we may request a message be sent to us from the account that owns the track, on the platform that the track is on.

This seems really complicated, but just drop a post if there is something you don't understand and we'll get it cleared up.

This is a cross-posted thread. Please post in THE LINKED THREAD. (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/910133-All-Platforms-Track-Removal-Request-Thread?p=10166476#post10166476)