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08-13-2014, 06:53 PM
Hey all, I had been lurking over the Assassin's Creed forums for the past few years especially when anything new related to the series has come about. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new game A:C Unity and with 3 months left till release date I thought, I might as well join in. Better late then never;'P'

Anyways with all the Highs & glooms players can expect from the A:C games 1 thing I am keenly observing and anticipating for are the Easter eggs for the coming A:C titles.

For A:C unity my timeline for historical Easter egg references is from the 1660s till 1800. This is so because during this time most of France was under the Ancien Régime and starting from the "Sun king" from 1669 to 1789 France was the most powerful state in Europe. as well as Arts n culture many myths & legends were also born at this time which survive to the present day. There fore for my Easter eggs suggestions I will focus on the period 1670 to 1795. .

I don't want to go over 1795 because then there will be too many ideas jumping around for UBISOFT to take attention to if they do so at all. e.g. I haven't covered the Napoleonic wars period or the timeline between 1820s France till 1870s.Becuase I believe there might be a another feature of Paris set during the 2nd French revolution in the era 1830-1835. I know some of you might say to include "les miserables" reference as an Easter egg in A:C UNITY but that novel/film is set during the 2nd French revolution in the 1830s.

Personally I would love it if they put many references like that in AC; but I think the period of 2nd French revolution warrants its own game/story line to be told I mean, the events were not in a sequence but in 1830 you had the July/August days where the bourbon monarchy was overthrown for the 2nd time. then in 1831 you had the large scale riots across France including in Paris and the start of the 1st Canut revolt. the French were also involved in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Then in 1832 you had the June rebellion and the 2nd revolt in vendee. 1833 was fairly peaceful but so was 1790. 1834 again had wide scale riots and the start of the 2nd Canut revolt. Then finally in 1835 you had a assassination attempt on Louis- Philippe king of the French. So putting this all together in a new game would make it a great storyline in revisiting Paris.

For Assassins Creed rogue Easter eggs I would begin from 1600 till 1760s. As that was the focal point for age of discovery in America and then in 1770s A:C 3 comes in. My starting point for A:C Rogue Easter eggs is 1607 to 1767.

Remember the Easter eggs can be inspired by movies, novels, books, arts of that period in time so do not hesitate. If you got any Suggestions/Ideas for Easter eggs that UBISOFT should include in A:C Unity or A:C Rogue then by all means share it with us...

(MODS could you please make this a sticky thread so its easier for people to find it) thx.

Before I forget here are my Assassins Creed Unity Easter egg ideas

1) The Scarlet pimpernel; would love to see a character similar to the pimpernel in A:C Unity. There could be Scarlet Pimpernel outfits or gadgets etc.??(fun fact the scarlet pimpernel was based on a real person.)

2) The man in the iron mask; who died in the bastille in 1703 during the “Sun king’s” reign . There was much interest regarding the prisoner’s identity during the 1770s and 1780s before the storming of the bastille in July 1789. There was also talk of finding human bones and allegedly an iron mask in his former cell In the bastille by the Parisian citizens.

3) A Tale of Two Cities by Charles ****ens. A great novel which links fantastically with A:C UNITY storyline. Imagine an Assassin going to the guillotine to save another assassin member. The plot certainly is believable and perhaps Arno could lose 1 of his friends this way. So a reference to that would be nice. I quite like the 1980 adoption of the novel.

4) The three musketeers; I know the 1st two novels are set in the early 17th century, but the last 1 is around the beginning of the “Sun King” era during 1660s n 1670s. Would we see the Musketeer outfit in A:C UNITY?? Now that we have CO-OP characters it could be “The Four Musketeers” etc (D)

5) BrotherHood of the Wolf (2001) film which is loosely based on the real life man eating wolves of france va cat in the mid 18th century. Could we see a an Easter egg along the lines of the “beast of Gévaudan”? it will be a great addition for myths etc. Anyways a reference to the film would be good to see or UBISOFT could add other Wolf stories in or around Paris that also occurred at the time. That is assuming if there is wildlife present in A:C UNITY. E.G. the forest of Bois de Boulogne outside was a very large but dangerous forest around that time with thieves, bandits murderers and wolves all seeking refuge there at some point.

6) Horn Blower, the Horatio Horn Blower tv series could also make a mention in A:C UNITY. Now i know that the horn blower character concerns the Navy and the later hornblower novels go further off in to the Napoleonic wars. But in the 1st set of stories Hornblower starts his carer before the French revolution. He also lands in France during the 1st revolt in Vendee and escapes both Capture and the Guillotine. There probably won’t be a naval aspect in A:C UNITY but it will still be cool to adorn a naval outfit like Hornblower’s.

7) The dauphin of france. I will be very surprised if we don’t see the storyline behind Louis XVII in A:C UNITY. But Just in case it doesn’t appear then there should be an Easter egg related it to it i.e. such as “The Mystery of the Royal heart” the remains of the boy etc.

8) Ghosts of Versailles; Moberly–Jourdain incident, yes I know the incident occurred in 1902 but what if after her execution in the game you could see Marie Antoinette’s ghost in Versailles. Either way her ghost or ghosts of other characters will add another dimension in the game which will again be great bonus for myths & legend hunters.

9)Conner kenway; many players want to see Conner in A:C UNITY ,personally I’m not too keen on bringing a role for Conner in A:C UNITY. I rather have Benjamin franklin or Thomas Jefferson. However I won’t be surprised if there is a reference to Conner in A:C UNITY but bringing in characters with larger roles from the A:C 3 franchise is not ideal for A:C UNITY.

10) Nicolas Jacques (Highway man) I am pretty sure we will see Nicolas Jacques Pelletier in A:C UNITY ,the 1st man to die on the Guillotine . If we don’t then an Easter egg would be a welcome reference in regards to his trial or execution in March 1792.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Easter eggs ideas

1) The last of the Mohicans 1992. If I’m not mistaken then I don’t think we had any clear references to “ The last of the Mohicans” Novel or film in Assassins creed 3. Yes you had the Braddock expedition and there was even a French fort that you can explore early on in the game with Haytham Kenway , but there was no clear set mention of “The last of the Mohicans”. The film and the novel is set in 1757 around the peak of the Seven Years War UBISOFT could add Natty Bumppo’s outfit for Shay Patrick OR better still the ambush scene in “The Last of Mohicans” 1992 film can be made either as a Easter egg or in the Storyline.

2) Barry Lyndon 1975 (movie) . Although nearly all of the film and much of the novel is centered around western Europe, it still is based upon the Seven Years War. Common interests with Assassins creed Rogue are, its set roughly around the same time, both Shay Patrick and Barry Lyndon are Irish. Hanoverian mercenaries served in both the Prussian and British armies including in America. Although Barry does not fight in America, in the novel his Stepson goes there to join the fight in the American revolutionary war on the British side. So Ubisoft should add an outfit or some kind of an Easter egg as there can be a good chance that Shay and Barry Lyndon both crossed in to each other in the fictional world of A:C franchise presumably on the Atlantic the most likely spot in both the genres .e.g. Barry Lyndon can fit the bill perfectly as a supposed Templar living a corrupt but rich life.

3) Battle of Quebec; I am not sure if Quebec city is confirmed to be in the game. If it is then excellent but if it’s not then there should be an Easter egg set around the events of the battle of Quebec in the late 1750s. Québec was also a focal point during the American revolutionary war and the war of 1812.Hopefully we will see a fully fledged Quebec, I can’t see them leave it out but if by a small chance they do leave it out as in (Quebec wasn’t featured in AC3) then it should be included in. e.g. Shay killing major general james wolfie.

4)Salem Witch Trials ; UBISOFT could add an Easter egg that is based on the Salem witch trials or other witch trials that occurred in that area to add upon on the myths & legends. E.g. Similar to The headless horseman Easter egg in A:C 3 there could be a witch reference.

5) Pocahontas 1995; There could also be a tribute to the Disney film. In A:C Rogue there is a DLC mission for Sir Gunn who is presumed to have travelled in America in the 15th century. So if UBISOFT is going that far back in terms of timeline. Then my dates on the Easter eggs for Assassins Creed Rogue are perfectly reasonable. Besides the 1620s and 1630s was the age of discovery for much of America and Pocahontas is 1 of the first films to look in to it more closely in regards to the immigration of people to the North American Continent.

That’s all I have so far, what do you think of the ideas? Feel free to discuss. In addition UBISOFT may also add some of these ideas for Achievement purposes or Achievement titles.

08-14-2014, 12:11 PM
You should do a poll of these. We're probably too late for anything major to be added to the game, but you never know!

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*Adds second thread copy paste of original thread no one cared about just to spite us.

*claims he isn't cluttering up the first page.

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like i said, lacks Joseph Decreux


08-15-2014, 02:00 AM
Scarlet Pimpernel was already mentioned in an interview a while back. I feel like Arno might be the one who inspires the story.

Stealth Gamer92
08-15-2014, 03:42 AM
Scarlet Pimpernel was already mentioned in an interview a while back. I feel like Arno might be the one who inspires the story.

Fun fact! Black Adder III killed the Scarlet Pimpernel. :p

08-15-2014, 03:43 AM
But yes seeing Connor walking across the street eating a croissant would be a hilarious easter egg.

Too bad his cameo was deconfirmed

08-15-2014, 03:56 AM
But yes seeing Connor walking across the street eating a croissant would be a hilarious easter egg.

Too bad his cameo was deconfirmed

They could still have Noah Watts voice a random parody character like Roger Craig Smith did with "Rogerio Ferrari" in AC4 :p

Stealth Gamer92
08-15-2014, 04:06 AM
I'd like to see some fictional easter eggs like Black Adder the third as an assassination target in Unity or something else in either game put in just for laughs.

Maybe a ghost ship(not transparent but, looks aged and in disrepair) in Rogue with a crew of skelleton's. Or rrandom encounter where you are attacked by The Flying Dutchman and fight till it sinks leaving a large cash/cargo reward..

08-15-2014, 05:13 AM
Not sure whether they can be considered easter eggs, but I really liked the idea of Frontiersmen sidequests in AC3 (Headless Horseman, Sasquatch, Boston light ghost). Would be cool if we get something like that in Unity or Rogue, 'thosand stories of Paris' sounds promising though.

08-15-2014, 05:45 AM
anyone here seen Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure?

08-15-2014, 03:37 PM
Scarlet Pimpernel was already mentioned in an interview a while back. I feel like Arno might be the one who inspires the story.

Yes who needs the Scarlet Pimpernel when you have a Cool looking Assassin? \P:)
A while ago In another thread I mentioned, who ever heard of an Austrian Assassin (specifically) during the French revolution?>

There could have been Irish, English or Scottish, Half French protagonists in A:C Unity as these communities were very widespread in France at that time. And many among them were captured as spies, mercenaries or just plain simple "enemy agents" by the revolutionary authorities.

I guess I was right if we go by the latest demo of A:C Unity. The character has a uniquely British accent.
And how many Austro-French men or (Assassins) more so have you heard that speak "British"? Hmmm........

^6 joseph ducreux might appear in A:C unity if not then there is a good chance he could come in a future DLC.
for myths& legends Ghosts and "wolf" like "beasts" can certainly come in to play as there were numerous interesting stories abound at that time.

Blackadder is a good one, though I have not seen the aforementioned episode.