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08-12-2014, 12:57 PM
i opened nearly 40 hon and 26 griffin bane packs and still no damn heroes. this is in no way fare to me. Finally they gave an option to purge my useless cards for sveltana but they god knows why keep giving premium cards and never get satisfied because i burned more than 230 cards including 3 uniques and 2 heroes and it got me a 98% chance and again a 85% chance but for the greedy devs and all it says your sacrifice is not enough. hell with this.now am stuck in champion 1 level, which i reached last week with base set 2 heroes and there is no way to go back level. I want heroic packs back in the shop

08-12-2014, 01:44 PM

08-15-2014, 08:43 PM
My problem with the heroic situation, as I've said elsewhere, is the current situation discourages exploratory deckbuilding and encourages netdecking. There's nothing wrong whatsoever with netdecking in high level play (as metagames always have limits on how many good decks there are), but players are going to look at the wildcard costs and not try out new heroes. Instead they're going to hover towards known winners and build those decks. Acquiring them through packs is very grindy and I don't really understand who benefits here. Are people going to pay money to open new heroes? No. They'll spend money if they want a nebulous "bunch of new cards" but if they open 10 super packs and don't get a hero, they're not going to think they should buy more packs then and there to try again.

But if they did have heroes, they'd think about and build new decks. The hero is the 'seed'. And the more decks in your collection, the more value packs have to you and the more spending money or grinding feels rewarding. If you only play one deck, you work on that deck and when packs stop coughing up value you stop enjoying it. But if you have five decks, or ten decks, or twenty-five decks that you're working on and getting cards for - Then you're going to keep playing longer.

08-16-2014, 12:17 AM
it got me a 98% chance and again a 85% chance but for the greedy devs and all it says your sacrifice is not enough.
Why did you take the risk? Did you feel lucky? I always go for 100% because if I miss I might not be able to afford another shot.

The hero is the 'seed'.
This is a great point! A new hero means a new need for cracking packs. Could be good for Ubi to make heroes slightly easier to get.

Also, more heroes might mean more varied opponents.