View Full Version : Bugs, conundrums, system crashing, oh my...

08-12-2014, 03:04 AM
I have been playing game for a while (bounty = $47,601,000). I am 100% on everything, have all the fish hooks and upgrades, except for last upgrade on the Platinum but have all the fish. I also have 2 of the 3 Man-o-wars (fully upgraded), all the crew except for John Howell and Paulsgrave, etc., etc.... and have some bugs I am dealing with, and could not get help from Ubisoft....1. I earned the Daily Challenges refresh, but the clock keeps running between 150 and 300 hours, so I do not have access to that feature; 2. I have all 72 fish (8 out 8 in all 9 hook categories), but it says I have 72/77 fish...I have no idea where the other 5 fish are; 3. On Daily Challenges, there is a challenge called "Clean Sweep" that orders you to "Defeat all the enemies in 5 different Assassination Missions", I go to Assassination, destroy all enemies, no credit. Plus the game crashes regularly...not as much since I upgraded from IPAD2 to IPAD Air though.