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08-09-2014, 08:15 AM
not sure if the makers of this game or anyone involved in the customer support for this game is involved in these forums but this is for them. i want to know why assassins creed 3 is such a buggy pile of ****. seriously like every 5 seconds i run into another bug. ive glitched through mountains, ive died during quests to have them disappear forever. half the time in combat i hit the counter button and it doesnt do ****, people glitch through walls, bad guys see me from half the map away and i cant go unnoticed again until i run halfway across gods ******** to kill them, there is a tree in the middle of butt **** nowhere that has a eagle view at the top but it is literally unclimbable. i climb skyscrapers as desmond but I CANT CLIMB THIS ****ING TREE IN THE MIDDLE OF ****ING NOWHERE JUST TO GET THE GOD DAMN VIEWPOINTS 100%?????????? HOW THE **** DO YOU PEOPLE SLEEP AT NIGHT MAKING MONEY OFF SUCH ABSOLUTE ****?????? i paid $40 for this game a while back when i also bought several other games of this series becuase i heard it was good. i loved ac2 ac2 borhterhood and even ac revelations. unity looks like goty material. but after revelations i get to this hunk of dog crap and i have to try to tough through it so i can get the story line. the controls suck, the immersion sucks, the glitches and bugs suck, the old indian woman bing bong billy jabbering at me sucks, the 30 min hikes to ****ing anywhere suck, the dying to quests and having no way to restart them sucks, the viewpoints suck, the hand to hand combat sucks, the hunting sucks, the clue finding **** sucks, the running through the trees to get nowhere sucks. its like you just took a steaming **** all over desmonds face and tricked us into giving you money for it. the ****ing least you bastards could do is PATCH A ****ING BUG FIX FOR THE BILLION GLITCHES, BAD PATHWAYS AND CRASHES EVERY TEN ****ING MINS IN THIS HUNK OF ****. releasing this as it currently is should be criminal and you should all be legally held to repay all the customers you failed with this game. at the very least you should have fixed these issues before you released or released it for free as a never ending beta. ps **** YOU UBISOFT