View Full Version : "helpful" new achievment(s)

08-07-2014, 05:02 PM
Hi all, i have a suggestion about rewarding players for help in game:
-after battle we should be able to judge, our companion was helpful, cooperate well,:) etc...
-many new players, (but not only) ask for help on chat, and they receive it- from helpful players spending their time.
-other problem is equal cost in Action Points (AP) for boss passed a long time ago, when i help guild member i pay full cost for battle. AP limits the storyline, (not for pay-to-win players ofc.) but why i have to pay for helping others? maybe half is fair price ( half of normal price for player who got help, and quarter of normal price for helper)? old rewards are very demotivating - players with high number of "thanks" should have higher chance for loot good stuff- now i got crap,10 levels lower from me.

so, there are "shadow of chance" for good change? :)