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08-05-2014, 02:50 PM
Feel free to discuss the below

assassin |əˈsasɪn|noun1 a person who murders an important person for political or religious reasons.2 (Assassin) a member of the Nizari branch of Ismaili Muslims at the time of the Crusades, when the newly established sect ruled part of northern Persia (1094–1256). They were renowned as militant fanatics, and were popularly reputed to use hashish before going on murder missions.ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from French, or from medieval Latin assassinus, from Arabic ḥašīšī‘hashish-eater’.

08-05-2014, 02:53 PM
you could just read Alamut, the inspiration for the Assassin order in Assassin's Creed, and pretty much over all AC1.



Huh, reading that wikipedia article made me realize that ACR also took inspiration from Alamut. In Alamut, two of the "Assassins" ordered to kill themselves by "Al Mualim" are Yusuf and Suleiman, two men that Ezio works with in ACR.