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08-04-2014, 06:24 PM
Hello guys from Ubisoft ! I hope you will read this thread because I have a rant at you. I'm french and I see I can pre purchase AC Unity on Steam for 60 euros.
60 euros ?! really ?! what's wrong with you ?!
In France, except for the Call of Duty games, the price is 50 euros. So why this price rise ?
Don't tell me this is because the new generation of console, we are talking about a PC game.
Don't tell me this is because of the quality of the game, unless you have really, really worked on that, because recently AC4 et watch dogs were not optimised on PC.
Don't tell me this is because you have an expensive advertising campaign. This is not a new licence so people already know AC. Ok, some of your trailers are very exciting (I watch every day your last one with the WoodKid's music), but you don't need to spoil the game before the release (like you did with watch dogs) with all the informations you give to the press. Even watch dogs was sold at 50 euros.

Now, I want you to know I'm a pro Ubisoft. And it's because I like Ubisoft I feel sad. I don't want you to become like Activision, making poor games and selling them a fortune.

08-04-2014, 07:38 PM
60€ will be the standard, better get used to it.

If you are not okay with that don't pre-order on Steam and watch out for GMG's deals.