View Full Version : Good to know the card distribution is still as embarrassingly awful as ever...

08-02-2014, 03:38 PM
I don't know what I was expecting anyway, but this is stupid. So far I've opened only 12 Griffin Bane packs, but that's been enough to see that the distribution remains dreadful. In those 12 packs I've managed to get 2 copies of Nahla and 2 copies of Dark Lotus Pond (which, let me remind you, is UNIQUE), but none of the other heroes or epics. The rare selection has been equally awful, with only 3 I consider usable (Disintegration, Spellhungry Breeder and Creeping Darkness) and 2 copies of Bloodmask Shaman (which I think is crap).

But the worse problem is the commons. While I've received up to 5-6 copies of the likes of Bloodclaw Shaman, Dervish Diva and Sunblaze, I still have not received a SINGLE copy of Spider Guard, Bloodpact Crucible, or Bloodclaw Goblin (OK, that last one is no great loss, but still). I'm also struggling to get 4 copies of staple cards that you need 4 of to be worth playing in their themed decks, like Griffin Crossbowman, Griffin Legionnaire, or Barracks. There's a large hole in my uncommon's collection as well, although that's more reasonable.

We've been having these problems since... well, since I first started playing, which was back during Void Rising! The card distribution was a disgrace then, it's a disgrace now and it's probably going to be a disgrace in the future. Well done Ubi.

08-02-2014, 04:00 PM
you never get things you want, thats how the universe is built

Ive got 10 bloodsnake shamans, 11 Angel Protectors and only 1 speelhungry breeder, 1 Ice meteor

rng is a beach :)

08-03-2014, 12:19 PM

You bought 12 packs not from a single box. I can understand if you bought a box and expected distribution within the box to be something acceptably even (despite the fact that random picks aren't). But you bought 12 separate packs. What kind of distribution would you expect?

08-03-2014, 11:18 PM

You bought 12 packs not from a single box. I can understand if you bought a box and expected distribution within the box to be something acceptably even (despite the fact that random picks aren't). But you bought 12 separate packs. What kind of distribution would you expect?

I'd expect it to be awful; this is DoC after all. But I think it'd be nice to believe that getting doubles of the same rare, doubles of the same epic and doubles of the same legendary within 13 packs (just bought another pack; still no Spider Guard) as well as not getting a SINGLE copy of one common out of only 35 cards from 104 common drops wouldn't be considered acceptable.

08-04-2014, 01:24 PM
I can assure you our RNG is as random as possible and that we are not influencing it depending on your previous draws and/or collection.

When you buy a pack, you buy a pack that is already created on a dedicated part of our server. You are just buying the oldest pack available there (around 30s/1mn old). It's not created when you open it :)

08-04-2014, 06:53 PM
Always amuse me when ppl think that random means equal distribution somehow. Random doesnt mean U will get what U want, random mean U will get random stuff (doubles included). I have a great solution for You, Azmadi, just stick to reviewing sets and stay away from actual gameplay :) That way we can make sure Your analysis will continue to be a "spot on".

08-04-2014, 07:55 PM
I was complaining to my brother one day about how I had opened a 110 Heart of Nightmares packs and still did not own a copy of every card (still missing 3) but had like 10 Sanctified walls. He did Mathematical statistics and computer science and engineering at university so he ran the numbers for me and this is what he found:

assuming that there is equal chance of getting any of the rares, there is about a 17.6% chance that you would not have drawn three of them
Those are pretty good odds so I don't think the computer hates
There is only a 13.4% chance that you would have gotten all the rares in 110 packs
after 150 packs there is about a 53% chance of getting all the rares
dont worry, if you buy ANOTHER 110 packs there is a 91% chance that you will have them all :P

Thank goodness it only took another 5 packs.

But the same thing goes for any set. chances of getting what you want are actually pretty slim

08-04-2014, 10:24 PM
From my own experience i just can say be happy to miss some cards! Every time i got a full set of everything from an expension its getting boring and i lose my motivation to play more and more. Till the next one comes out :D. Sadly for gb this happened more ore less exactly 2,5 weeks after release after spending a little bit gold. The new system is really great to get everything as a playset...and bad for people getting their motivation from the collecting aspect :)

08-05-2014, 09:38 PM
For every expansion, I buy 90% cards with packs, the rest with Wildcards. End of story. :)

08-06-2014, 06:54 PM
The more you have cards of any given expansion, the lower your chance of getting new cards when you open a pack. This is just simple statistics. If you just miss 2-3 rare, and you expect it to get it in your next pack you open you expectations are not realistic.

That is why there is wildcards. The correct strategy is to buy enough packs to have all uncommon x4, then at this point you start using the wildcard you have accumulated during this time to fill out the gap and save gold for the next expansion.

Like everything this require a lot of patience. And that is part of life.

08-11-2014, 09:46 AM
Anyway it's just so strange... i got 122 rares/epics/heroic in summary from HoN, but never drew a single Djinn Cloudshaper?! :nonchalance:

And for Griffin Bane, this screenshot explains my anger on the booster draw (got 2x Collateral Damage + 1x Nahla from Wildcards before GB was available for Gold - Hikyu is from wildcards, too):

08-14-2014, 03:27 AM
I have to admit that I'm slightly disappointed that I'm at 4 copies of the new Raya and 3 of Hikyu with no sign of the new Hasafar. But it's a card game, you get cards you don't need or particularly want sometimes.