View Full Version : Lags in AC3

07-31-2014, 02:39 PM
Well, hello
I bought AC3 a few days ago and i before, i checked the system requirements of Ac3 that i can play it without lags, but then, as i finally downloaded the game, i wanted to play but i cant even on low grafphics it is going to lag even if i have a Pc which is good enough:
I have a
and a
Intel core i5-4440 4x 3,1
Compared with Hitman Absolution (which was published 2 days before AC3):
Hitman Absolution runs on ULTRA settings without any problems...
so it cant be my Hardware.. Idk what it is and im getting angry more and more...
Can it maybe be my resolution/monitor?
it isnt that new and the highest resolution of it is 1680x1050.. maybe i have to buy a new one?
Please help me i want to have fun in assassins creed.....