View Full Version : Rescuing Bellamy, La Habana - need help understanding what to do!

07-31-2014, 11:44 AM
Following the story that plays out though the different locations I have now come to La Habana. This mission is about following the Royal Navy Captain (or whatever he is) Hume. When spying on him, you learn he is planning, with an admiral or commander, to en the Prince of Pirates, Bellamy once and for all. You then hurry to Bellamy to tell the news you learned.

I've managed to do all this but when it comes to defending Bellamy, I've obliterated all the other ships. Then, Hume comes along and the dialogue with Jumao where I (my character) tells him that "This time we fight". after that dialogue closes down, the sign "mission failed" lights up the screen, leaving me with the options to Quit or Retry.

What am I doing wrong? I've sunken all the ships coming towards Bellamy like twenty times, tried to finish off with different angles (to come between Bellamy and Hume for example). Pulling my hair here... just want to move on to the next battle/mission.