View Full Version : DO NOT use destruction percentage on the rusted seed building

07-31-2014, 01:05 AM
So this is a warning before anyone makes a mistake..

If you use a destruction percentage on the Rusted Seed Building Block and save your track,
it will become corrupted and will crash your game the next time you try to open it.

It might also happen with the walls, I haven't tested it yet.

07-31-2014, 06:01 AM
That sucks :-/ we'll check that quickly.

07-31-2014, 10:53 AM
Just to keep my Rusted Seed building Block Posts in 1 place as I found multiple bugs with it:

Object: Riders of the Rustlands > Buildings > Rusted seed building block

The back wall when placed on the driveline and the rider on the left (see highlight shot 1).


You can change the Wall Type in 5 modes normally from left to right: Auto - Solid - Broken - Empty - User Defined. which works for all 5 other wall orientations.


Here's the thing, on the back wall, you can set Auto - Solid, and when you click on the right side of the menu User Defined, however when trying to set it to broken or empty it bugs out like this, you get stuck in this weird menu with this name #seed_building_wall_broken_zpos#


You cannot change it back unless you Undo

I had 3 ways it crashed the game for me:
1- Changing layers on the bugged wall = guaranteed crash (Trials Fusion has stopped working)
2 & 3 I cannot exactly reproduce but it happened when changing the destruction % and randomizing the building shortly after one another which might be related to the back wall not functioning properly.


Another bug with the new Rusted seed building (Block):

If you have any of the walls/ceilng/floor set to Walltype - User Defined, with the broken checkbox ticked, it will reset the wall to either solid or empty with no selection icons when you save the track and load it later.

It basicly seems to untick the "broken" checkbox, and when there is no solid variation found it turns it to an empty wall with no way to select it (different then Wall Type - Empty).

Different things happen to different wall/ceiling/floor variations in those cases:

Ceiling: 2 solid(=non broken) variations , 20 Broken variations. Broken Variation 1-2 will make turn the ceiling to solid variation 1-2, variation 3-20 will make it empty with no selection icon.
Floor: 2 solid variations (number 2 is empty), 20 Broken variations. Broken Variation 1 will make return the floor to solid variation 1, variation 2-20 will make it empty with no selection icon.
Wall: 12 solid variations , 20 broken variations. Broken variation 1-12 will return the wall to solid variation 1-12, variation 13-20 will make it empty with no selecting icon.

Keep in mind this has nothing to do with those wall types : Auto/Solid/Broken/Empty, purely User Defined.

As a builder I would avoid the rusted seed building completely (not the base-game seed-building) as it might turn your broken walls solid or empty when sharing as it does on loading the track save.
(cannot test this as i don't want to share a broken track)


Another bug I found as well was when selecting one of the walls, you could align it with the driveline (via keyboard R or mouse interface, not sure about controller) and it would come loose from the building, and end up in really weird orientations, your not supposed to be able to move/rotate walls unless you use the "move building" function.

All in all, seems this object has some serious issues but I understand it's a very complicated object as well because it has a lot of variations.
2 solid ceiling variations, 20 broken ceiling variations, 1 empty variation.
1 solid floor variation (variation 2 is empty), 20 broken floor variations, 1 empty variation.
12 solid wall variations, 20 broken wall variations, 1 empty variation.

So that's more then 70 options in total.