View Full Version : A discussion regarding Assassin's Creed 3 and Connor Kenway!

07-25-2014, 03:28 PM
First of let me start that AC 3 was one of my favorite games of all time and it was at same time let down and a up rise for me, wanted to ask fellow Assassins what do you think if UBI did not have annual releases (I like em personaly) and if AC 3 was aimed to be The Ultimate AC GAME....and that they would still be developing it.

More expansive America im literaly talking about more cities and more expanded revolution or more WAR scenarios and last but not least...More Sequences...i felt that progression was well "rushed" in AC 3 especialy with Connor, lets say for example that there would be more cities than Boston or New York like Philadephia (Originaly included but cut out of game), Delaware, Pennsylvania atleast 2 more for ultimate open world and like 15-16 seqeuences..man i just had this vision for AC 3 before it came out it was so super...i was actuly so balls deep into it i thought this will be the ultimate AC game wich was not at the end but back to my point. Connor should be more developed and more MAIN TEMPLAR Targets....it was realy not cool how there were not many of Templar enemies compared to AC 2 (My FAV AC game) also its about AMERICAN REVOLUTION and i literaly don't recal any BIG MAJOR WAR i mean bunker hill was scripted and i was realy expecting to go in like in E3 Trailer showed. And of course Desmond, ahh Desmond that ending.....i just don't want to think about it. They should have give desmond more modern missions with some mini "inventory system" we could choose for modern misson, also and no they wouldn't have to be open world god no...but When we are in Building infiltrating let it be open "world" and i think Desmond should have killed more MAIN TEMPLAR players rather than just Warren Vidic. And ending should have been not so rushed and weirdly done..not complaing about events or even what happened its about EXECUTION..pfffffff...10 sec.. DEAD. Maybe its just my wishfull thinking or realy high and un-realistic expectations idk...what do you guys think?

Conclusion of "Ultimate AC 3" :

More cities, more lands

More deep developed Connor

More BIG WAR scenarios on fields and in cities

More Desmond Missions, BETTER DEEP ENDING