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07-23-2014, 03:18 PM
Hi, I'm currently adding some challenges to a track (when you will press Y or another button, it will show some challenges), and i wondering if there is a way to enable something with a special bike ?
The challenge i wanna add is : "Complete the track with the roach".

I remember the easter egg (http://youtu.be/4sEXh49sVoE) found by Murdoc loch on Trials Evo (in the DLC), it was possible to do it only with the scorpion.
So, is it possible to enable an event at the end of the track, only with the roach ? or is it only for developpers ? =/

07-23-2014, 03:49 PM
hi, yeah i believe the game info data source has a bike ID option, just filter the value from the end gate also trigger option to kick start your code.

the bike ID:-

0 Baggie
1 Roach
2 Pit Viper
3 Foxbat
4 TKO-Panda
5 Rabbit

07-23-2014, 03:51 PM
it is possible for regular builders aswell ;) give me a few minutes and i upload a video

07-23-2014, 04:45 PM
sorry for the waiting time. the game crashed... twice! ...and i had to start all over again. here you go:


Bike ID:
1 Baggie
2 Roach
3 Pit Viper
4 Foxbat
5 TKO-Panda
6 Rabbit

you can tie value 0 / 1 from the N-Input operator to enabled, physics, visible checkboxes or whatever. you can even use the selector or something to get other values than 0 or 1 :) if the complexity can handle it, its possible to build completely different drivinglines in the same track for each bike.

07-23-2014, 06:04 PM
Thanks for the reply guys, specially you C2T with the video.
I can do what i want now :rolleyes:

I think i should try to use more tools, i just use the 'basics' so :nonchalance: ...

07-23-2014, 08:32 PM
Whoa! This is a neat thing to know. Thanks for asking about this Jeruhnq, I'd have never thought of the possibilities with this. I wish you the best of luck with your creation.