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07-23-2014, 01:15 PM
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars?
A: DoCFW is available on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network online stores for 9,99$ (USD) / €9.99.

Q: Which languages are supported by Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars?
A: Might & Magic® Duel of Champions Forgotten Wars is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

Q: Can I use my existing Duel of Champions PC or iPad account?
A: No, players with an existing DoC account cannot transfer their progress from PC and/or iPad to the console version of Duel of Champions. Both versions are different and standalone games.

Q: Are the consoles and PC/Ipad version compatible? Can I play against my friends on PC/Ipad?
A: No, the two versions are different as they don't use the same sets of cards.

Q: Are the rules of the game different on consoles than on PC/Ipad?
A: No, the rules of the game stays the same.

Q: Are there any differences between the X360 and PS3 versions?
A: The only difference is that an Xbox Live Gold membership is required for X360 users to access the multiplayers features of the game. PS3 users don’t need any special membership to play online.

Q: Can I participate to the Road to Paris tournament with DoCFW?
A: No, the Road to Paris is for PC and iPad versions only. However, you can create a PC account and join the tournament.

Q: Is the economy the same as in the PC/iPad version?
A: No. In DoCFW, you get new cards by purchasing them apiece with your Gold (no random packs). You unlock access to new sets of cards by buying them with real money (9,99$ USD for each set).

Q: Are all cards from the PC version available in the console version?
A: The X360 / PS3 version includes all cards from the first Base Set up to the Five Towers set, inclusively.