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07-22-2014, 07:56 PM
I feel stupid needing to ask this, but here it goes. I'm a longtime AC veteran but I've returned to Revelations to get 100%. I'm working on the 5-enemy killstreak challenge. I am having a very hard time achieving a 5-person kill streak because they keep getting interrupted by one of the guys attacking me and I get hit. So basically, I am struggling with the precise timing sequence to perform a kill streak. Right when I'm in the middle of killing a dude (literally as my dagger is in his chest) I see the red bar above some other dude flash to indicate he's attacking me. However, I cannot counter him in time, and he hits me, and my streak is busted. Is this just bad luck? Is there a way to counter these guys? Am I just messing up on the timing. Here's what I am doing: immediately as I see his red bar start to flash, I highlight him and start mashing X over and over (I'm on Xbox), but yet very often, if not always, I don't counter him and he hits me.

I feel like I just don't have the precise timing down for this move, so if anyone has any tips or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!!!


07-25-2014, 06:14 AM
The red bar isn't the best indicator for determining when the next guard will attack you, because there are times where it won't blink when it should. So you should try to rely on observing guard movements. Also in my experience you don't have to highlight a guard to dodge/counter them. But you do have to highlight them with the stick when you're selecting your next target in a streak or if you want to shoot a specific target.

There are four ways to continue a streak without getting interrupted:
1. dodge when you see that he's about to attack (RT+ A)
2. counter just as they're about to attack (RT + X) - I'm not sure if using this in the middle of a streak will count towards it, but it's very effective against Janissaries that are about to flank you.
3. shoot the guard that is about to attack you (L stick + hold and release Y) - best used with gun
4. double execution (counter the first guard, near the end of the kill animation, select the next guard with L stick and hold X). if timed correctly, you can't be interrupted in the animation and Ezio will kill two guards in one button press. In order for this to work, you must be using a one handed weapon (sword, mace or dagger) and have bullets and/or throwing knives.

p.s. a good mission to practice combat is the Piri Reis Caltrop bomb mission. After you kill the targets, stay inside the yellow circle. This'll generate an infinite waves of guards.