View Full Version : Is Griffin Bane worth buying at all?

07-20-2014, 09:46 PM
I've looked at the spoiler, and I don't like much of this set. Should I still get some anyways?

07-20-2014, 10:49 PM
It's a good set so yes. I suspect you've mis-assessed many cards. Every faction receives playable cards. A few spell schools get bum deals.

07-21-2014, 06:46 AM
It gives every faction new unique fortunes and at least four of them are seriously good, some might even say Dark Ltus Pond and Army of the Dead are simply OP. I haven't used or faced the Stronghold or Academy ones so can't tell about those. Other than that it adds new dimensions to the factions, some of them are very different from what that faction used to be before.

It makes Haven playable in standard by giving them a few good reinforcements for old decks. Now Haven win quests won't be a serious chore anymore. The Haven stacks also open up possibilities for almost completely new decks... that some might call borderline OP.

It also gives the Necro a new rushy playstyle with the stacks, completely opposite of the dragged on Banshee machine they used to play before. So that's a breeze of fresh air for them.

It brings back Bloodlust mechanic with all it's bloody glory. Also gives abilities like Charge, Attack Anywhere, berserk etc to Stronghold. Yeah they seem gimicky in a lot of situations but it's still nice to see Stronghold having new abilities instead of just raw muscle. Even if the abilities often come after gaining huge muscles through bloodlust.

Inferno now has a water magic user! pretty sure I don't need to say anything else. :)

The Beastmen now have a solid hero who might also be Academy's hero for creature rushes. They also tried adding a lot of Constructs abd Construct related cards I guess but I have little idea about how good that turned out.

Sanctuary gets their 2-0-4 shooter alongside a few more unique, sneaky, interesting creatures like the Kabuki Propagandist. Perhaps more importantly they get their Dark, Water magic using hero and Dark Lotus Pond.

Also now we have new evil decks with Empowered Spell and stuff. So eveyone's happy! Something bad just had to happen with the expansion.

So overall yeah pretty much worth buying IMO. Specially if you're looking to build borderline OP decks or looking for a new experience with old factions.