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07-20-2014, 05:15 PM
Don't know where to put it so ..

I am a very keen fan of Assassins Creed from the times I ve heard about the first game being running on my friend's pc, didn't have a PS2, and didnt have a capable pc system requirements as well, after a long time, and almost 2 years of wait I finally got my hands on it .. on my pc ... okie I am getting away from the question.

As I was studying C/C++ in our studies, after learning our designed course I tried to check out the code of Assassins Creed 1, but I couldnt decode it, somehow the games are meant to be not decodable I guess. I often wonder, how they create such a big environment, tried looking into their making videos and found out that even if they are working on a console port, they are still working on computers, with AC 1, it seemed easy as most of the missions were same, tho difficult to us gamer newbs, but later in the next games, there was a whole lot variety of things present in the environment.

how objects are created and set in motion is one thing, but how is it enabled for a person to press and button and he goes on doing stuff .. what type of coding is it ... or its based on some tool they use ?

whats the concept of a gaming engine?

Err I apologize for asking ridiculously different kind of question from usual gaming stuff .. if anyone could explain to me the science behind development of games .. it will be an honor, thanks